El Rey Boxing Sets and Checklists

‘It’s In The Details’

Title El Rey Boxing Sets
Year 1910s or 1920s
Size 1 1/2″ x 2 1/2″
Images Black and White
Type Unknown
Number in Set
Unknown – Possibly 100 in each set

El Rey Boxing Sets Overview

El Rey Boxing CardWith few examples seen, little is known about these sets to American collectors. They are boxing issues but many mysteries surround them.

To date, I have identified four different El Rey types of cards. Given the scarcity of these issues, however, it should be noted that more could certainly exist. These cards, as identified on the backs of some, were printed in Caracas, Venezuela.

Further, it is unknown if these different types comprise one large set or are parts of entirely different sets. Because of the difference in style/appearance, I would guess the latter. However, I have not seen enough information about them to make any clear suggestions.

The four types known to me are:

  • Black bordered fronts with green ink backs
  • Black bordered fronts with red ink backs
  • Black bordered fronts with red ink backs and Reglas de Boxeo title
  • Gold frame fronts with Reglas de Boxeo title

The two ‘Reglas’ (rules) sets include card numbers while the other sets do not. All of the sets use black and white images of boxers. In addition, the green back cards and the gold frame cards by contain the El Rey name on the front while the others do not.

All four sets also advertise that 100 boxers may be purchased for a specific price. It is unknown if 100 cards comprise each set or if that is merely a note that 100 cards can be purchased.

Additionally, I have not yet identified if these are tobacco cards, candy cards, or another type altogether. For that reason, I have classified them in the Miscellaneous Cards section of the boxing sets area.

El Rey Boxing Sets Checklists

Checklists for this issue have not yet been created. However, any known cards appear below in the various sets.


Green Back Set

  • Pedro Maury
  • Charlie White

Red Back Set

  • Tommy Burns

Red Back Reglas Set

  • 18. Jimmy Clabby


Reglas Set

  • 25. V. Carretta

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