1930 Sweetacres Sports Champions Set and Checklist

‘It’s In The Details’

Title Sweetacres Sports Champions
Year 1930
Size  1 5/8″ x 2 1/2″
Images Black and White
Type Candy/Gum
Number in Set

1930 Sweetacres Sports Champions Overview

1930 Sweetacres Sports Champions TennisSweetacres was a gum company based out of Australia. They produced numerous trading card sets with some featuring athletes. This set pictured champion athletes from around the world.

Many different sports were the focal point of this set, including boxing, tennis, golf, and wrestling, among others. American collectors will be familiar with some of the names presented in the release.

Fronts of the cards were in black and white featuring a particular subject with his/her name printed at the bottom. Backs included a mention of the Sweetacres Gum Company as well as a mention that there were 48 cards in the set. Backs also include a brief biographical snippet on the subject pictured as well as a card number.

Keys to the set include tennis greats Bill Tilden and Helen Wills-Moody, golf star Bobby Jones, and legendary cricketers Jack Hobbs and Don Bradman. Other notable cards are of the two wrestlers in the set, Jim Londos and Tom Lurich.

Also key to the set is the card of tennis Hall of Famer Ellsworth Vines. Vines was an extraordinary player and this set contains his recognized rookie card.

1930 Sweetacres Sports Champions Checklist

  1. Jack Crawford
  2. Viv. McGrath
  3. Bill Tilden
  4. Harry Hopman
  5. Ellsworth Vines
  6. Helen Wills-Moody
  7. Boy Charlton
  8. Francis Bult
  9. Bonnie Mealing
  10. Claire Dennis
  11. Arne Borg
  12. Noel Ryan
  13. Charles Kingsford-Smith
  14. Bert Hinkler
  15. C.W.A. Scott
  16. Amy Johnson
  17. J. Mollison
  18. J. Pike
  19. R. Lewis
  20. Ted Bartle
  21. James Munro
  22. W. Duncan
  23. Peter Pan
  24. Manfred
  25. Windbag
  26. Phar Lap
  27. Ambrose Palmer
  28. Les Darcy
  29. Don Athaldo
  30. Tom Lurich
  31. Jim Londos
  32. Jim Carlton
  33. E.W. Carr
  34. Ivo Whitton
  35. Bobby Jones
  36. Jim Ferrier
  37. Walt Lindrum
  38. Clark McConacny
  39. Bobby Pearce
  40. Ted Phelps
  41. Sir Henry Seagrave
  42. Malcolm Campbell
  43. Kaye Don
  44. Gar Wood
  45. Hubert Opperman
  46. Duncan Gray
  47. Jack Hobbs
  48. Don Bradman

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