1935 Ardath State Express Sports Champions Set and Checklist

‘It’s In The Details’

Title Ardath State Express Sports Champions
Year 1935
Size 1 1/2″ x 2 5/8″
Images Color
Type Tobacco
Number in Set

1935 Ardath State Express Sports Champions Overview

Ardath Sports Champions Len Harvey Boxing.jpgFred Perry Ardath State Express Sports Champions TennisPam Barton Ardath State Express Sports Champions GolfThis UK set was one of several distributed in 1935 by Ardath Tobacco. These were found inside of packages of their State Express Luxury Cigarettes. As indicated by the name of the set, it included cards of champion athletes.

Athletes from various sports were represented, including boxing, golf, and tennis. Fronts of the cards have color pictures of the athletes and the backs include a short description as well as a mention of State Express 333 Luxury Cigarettes.

Backs also indicate that State Express albums for these cards were available from tobacco dealers.

Pictures in the set feature close-up portrait shots of athletes instead of action poses. The athlete’s name is also printed on the bottom and repeated on the back. As was typical on many international sets, the first names of several athletes are abbreviated. Some key athletes in the series included tennis stars Fred Perry, H.W. Austin, and Dorothy Round, boxer Len Harvey, and cricketer Donald Bradman.

1935 Ardath State Express Sports Champions Checklist

  1. C.V. Grimmett
  2. Donald Bradman
  3. Stanley Woods
  4. H.W. Austin (tennis)
  5. Fred Perry (tennis)
  6. R. E. S. Wyatt
  7. J. Brough
  8. Flight Lieutenant G.H. Stanforth
  9. Steve Donoghue
  10. Sir Malcolm Campbell
  11. J.M. McKinlay
  12. Vic Huxley
  13. Pam Barton (golf)
  14. J. Hampson
  15. Hedley Verity
  16. Tom Newman
  17. Joe Davis
  18. Nel Tarleton (boxing)
  19. Len Harvey (boxing)
  20. Jack Petersen (boxing)
  21. Ted Phelps
  22. Tom Farndon
  23. Dorothy Round (tennis)
  24. Helen Jacobs (tennis)
  25. Enid Wilson (golf)
  26. R.Y. Fison
  27. Thomas Green
  28. T. O. M. Sopwith
  29. E.H. Temme
  30. James Sullivan
  31. H.G. Owen Smith
  32. Gordon Richards
  33. Harry Lind
  34. M.M. Scott
  35. C. Smirke
  36. F.W. Southall
  37. H. Scott-Paine
  38. R. M. N. Tisdall
  39. T.H. Cotton (golf)
  40. J.E. Lovelock
  41. A.H. Padgham (golf)
  42. Doug Tomalin
  43. Peggy Scriven (tennis)
  44. Eileen Hiscock
  45. J. McGrory
  46. H. Hibbs
  47. Alex James
  48. E. Brook
  49. F.R. Goodall
  50. S. Crooks

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