1935 Mitchell’s Gallery of 1934 Set and Checklist

‘It’s In The Details’

Title Mitchell’s Gallery of 1934
Year 1935
Size 1 1/2″ x 2 5/8″
Images Black and White
Type Tobacco
Number in Set

1935 Mitchell’s Gallery of 1934 Overview

1935 Mitchell's Gallery Jack Petermen Boxing.jpgThis set was a year of review of sorts as it was printed in 1935 and looked back on 1934. Cards featured famous personalities who made an impact in many different areas, including the world of sports.

Sports cards included all sorts of celebrities from tennis, golf, and boxing, among others. Boxing, golf, and tennis cards are identified in the checklist below.

The set is lacking many big names of their respective sports but does include some notable names, including golfers Lawson Little and Hall of Famer Henry Cotton. The lone boxer is Jack Peterson, a British champion. Hall of Fame tennis legends Dorothy Round and Fred Perry are also included. Arguably, though, the biggest sports card in the set belongs to cricket legend Don Bradman.

In addition to the sports cards, several non-sports cards are very popular. In fact, the non-sports cards are really the bigger attraction here and tie up the majority of the set’s value. Cards, for example, featuring Adolf Hitler and Franklin Roosevelt are often pursued by collectors, as are the cards of Princess Elizabeth and Duke Ellington — both of which are often considered to be ‘rookie’ cards, as their first appearances on trading cards.

The set must have been somewhat popular as Mitchell’s created an updated set the following year in 1936.

1935 Mitchell’s Gallery of 1934 Checklist

  1. Duke and Duchess of Kent
  2. Princess Elizabeth
  3. King Albert
  4. Emperor of Manchuria
  5. King Alexander and M. Barthou
  6. General Chiang Kai-Shek
  7. President Von Hinderburg
  8. Adolf Hitler
  9. Dr. Dollfuss
  10. Franklin Roosevelt
  11. Raymond Poincare
  12. Major Leslie Hore-Belisha
  13. Colonel John Buchan
  14. George Bernard Shaw
  15. J.B. Priestley
  16. Sir Henry Wood
  17. Beniamino Gigli
  18. Duke Ellington
  19. Julian Wylie
  20. Sir Cedric Hardwicke
  21. Elisabeth Bergner
  22. Alexander Korda
  23. Charles Laughton
  24. Greta Garbo
  25. Mae West
  26. Miss Europe
  27. Nancy Jupp (golf)
  28. Henry Cotton (golf)
  29. Mrs. Andrew Holm (golf)
  30. W. Lawson Little (golf)
  31. Maharajah of Rajpipla
  32. Dorothy Paget
  33. Gordon Richards
  34. Fred Perry (tennis)
  35. Dorothy Round (tennis)
  36. J.E. Lovelock
  37. Don Bradman
  38. Jack Petersen (boxing)
  39. Alex James
  40. Harold Vanderbilt
  41. H. Scott-Paine
  42. Freddie Dixon
  43. Lieutenant F. Agello
  44. C. W. A. Scott and T. Campbell Black
  45. Auguste Piccard
  46. Lord Nuffield
  47. Lord Trenchard
  48. H. R. L. Sheppard
  49. Zaro Agha
  50. Alexandre Savisky

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