1928 Gallaher Lawn Tennis Celebrities Set and Checklist

‘It’s In The Details’

Title Gallaher Lawn Tennis Celebrities
Year 1928
Size 1 5/8 x 2 1/2″
Images Color
Type Tobacco
Number in Set

1928 Gallaher Lawn Tennis Celebrities Overview

1928 Lawn Tennis Celebrities GallaherThis set featured many of the world’s top tennis players at the time of issue.

The cards were produced by Gallaher for distribution in their Gallaher’s Cigarettes packages. Fronts included color pictures of players with the player’s name and country at the bottom. Backs included the Lawn Tennis Celebrities name as well as Gallaher’s name and a biography of the player. Thet set features both men and women and, as is the case with many international sets, only initials are provided for many of the players’ first names.

Many Hall of Famers are found in the set, including Helen Wills, Betty Nuthall, Rene Lacoste, and Bill Tilden, among others. The card of Nuthall, in particular, is an interesting one as it can be considered a rookie issue. Also notable is that two variations for card No. 21 exist. Card No. 21 features Evelyn Colyer. According to PSA, one version of the card spells her last name correctly while the other has it misspelled ‘Colye.’

These cards are a little tougher to find than other international tennis issues and prices, as a result, are a little higher. And unlike more common releases, finding complete sets for sale is a bit of a challenge.

1928 Gallaher Lawn Tennis Celebrities Checklist

  1. Mrs. L.A. Godfree
  2. N. Trentham
  3. C.H. Kingsley
  4. Mrs. Beamish
  5. O. G. N. Turnbull
  6. Mrs. Satterthwaite
  7. Lilli de Alvarez
  8. Joan Ridley
  9. D.M. Greig
  10. C.G. Eames
  11. E.A. Goldsack
  12. Mrs. Mavrogodato
  13. L.A. Godfree
  14. Lambert Chambers
  15. P. D. B. Spence
  16. Suzanne Lenglen
  17. Jean Borotra
  18. H. Contostavlos
  19. Elizabeth Ryan
  20. E. Higgs
  21. Evelyn Colyer (two variations)
  22. Helen Wills
  23. K. Bouman
  24. G. Peacock
  25. Henri Cochet
  26. E.A. Dearman
  27. J.C. Gregory
  28. E.L. Heine
  29. R. Lycett
  30. M. Watson
  31. H.W. Austin
  32. F.C. Hunter
  33. P. Saunders
  34. G. R. O. Crole-Rees
  35. Mrs. Colegate
  36. Betty Nuthall
  37. A. R. F. Kingscote
  38. Vincent Richards
  39. Rene Lacoste
  40. J. D. P. Wheatley
  41. C. Campbell
  42. Joan Fry
  43. Mrs. Mallory
  44. W.M. Washburn
  45. Eileen Bennett
  46. Takeichi Harada
  47. J. Brugnon
  48. J.B. Gilbert
  49. Bill Tilden
  50. Mrs. R. Lycett

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