1928 & 1929 Churchman Men of the Moment in Sport Sets and Checklist

‘It’s In The Details’

Title Churchman Men of the Moment in Sport
Year 1928 and 1929
Size 1 1/2″ x 2 5/8″ (small) / 2″ x 3″ (large)
Images Color
Type Tobacco
Number in Set
50 (small) / 12 (large)

1928 & 1929 Churchman Men of the Moment in Sport Overview

Rene Lacoste Churchman Tennis Men of the MomentChurchman Men of the Moment Bobby Jones GolfChurchman Men of the Moment Jack Dempsey BoxingThese UK set were distributed by the Imperial Tobacco Company for their Churchman brand tobacco products. Two 1928 sets (a small and large one) were printed and a large 1929 issue followed.

The smaller 1928 cards feature a total of 50 athletes in a variety of sports, such as boxing, golf, and tennis. Fronts include colorful cartoon images of athletes, often with oversized heads. The backs include a biography of the athlete. An artist signature of ‘Mel’ accompanies each picture.

The set is littered with big names that many American collectors will recognize, including boxers Jack Dempsey and Gene Tunney. Hall of Fame golfers Walter Hagen, Gene Sarazen, and Bobby Jones are in the set, too, as are tennis greats Bill Tilden and Rene Lacoste.

As was the case with the 1928 Churchman Lawn Tennis set produced in the same year as this one, Churchman created a larger set that is significantly rarer. That issue, however, is not an exact parallel as it includes only 12 cards as opposed to this one that has 50.

Finally, in 1929, Churchman distributed a second series to the larger 1928 issue. That one again included 12 cards featuring additional players from the small 1928 set that were not in the large 1928 series.

Confused? In all, there are three Men of the Moment sets:

  • 1928 Churchman (smaller cards, set of 50)
  • 1928 Churchman (larger cards, set of 12)
  • 1929 Churchman (larger cards, set of 12)

1928 & 1929 Churchman Men of the Moment in Sport Checklists

1928 – Small Set of 50

  1. Lord Burghley
  2. J.E. London
  3. D. G. A. Lowe
  4. Paavo Nurmi
  5. W. Ritola
  6. G.C. Weightman Smith
  7. J.F. Devlin
  8. Sir George Thomas
  9. Joe Davis
  10. Melbourne Inman
  11. Tom Newman
  12. Willie Smith
  13. Jack Dempsey
  14. Tom Heeney
  15. Harry Preston
  16. Gene Tunney
  17. A. P. F. Chapman
  18. P. G. H. Fender
  19. W.R. Hammond
  20. J.B. Hobbs
  21. D.R. Jardine
  22. A. Sandham
  23. H. Sutcliffe
  24. Archie Compston
  25. George Duncan
  26. Walter Hagen
  27. Bobby Jones
  28. Jose Jurado
  29. Abe Mitchell
  30. T.P. Perkins
  31. Gene Sarazen
  32. C. J. H. Tolley
  33. Roger Wethered
  34. T.W. Mansergh
  35. H.W. Austin
  36. J. Borotra
  37. Henri Cochet
  38. E. Higgs
  39. Karel Kozeluh
  40. Rene Lacoste
  41. G.L. Patterson
  42. P. D. B. Spence
  43. Bill Tilden
  44. H.A. Barry
  45. R. Cove-Smith
  46. W. J. A. Davies
  47. D. Drysdale
  48. G.V. Stephenson
  49. W.W. Wakefield
  50. A.T. Young

1928 – Large Set of 12

  1. Lord Burghley
  2. G.C. Weightman Smith
  3. Sir George Thomas
  4. Joe Davis
  5. Gene Tunney
  6. A P. F. Chapman
  7. Bobby Jones
  8. Abe Mitchell
  9. T.W. Mansergh
  10. H.W. Austin
  11. J. Borotra
  12. W. J. A. Davies

1929 – Large Set of 12

  1. D. G. A. Lowe
  2. J.F. Devlin
  3. Willie Smith
  4. Harry Preston
  5. J.B. Hobbs
  6. H. Sutcliffe
  7. Walter Hagen
  8. Roger Wethered
  9. Karel Kozeluh
  10. P. D. B. Spence
  11. H.A. Barry
  12. D. Drysdale

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