1926 Lambert & Butler Who’s Who in Sport Set and Checklist

‘It’s In The Details’

Title Lambert & Butler Who’s Who in Sport
Year 1926
Size 1 1/2″ x 2 5/8″
Images Black and White
Type Tobacco
Number in Set

1926 Lambert & Butler Who’s Who in Sport Overview

Gene Tunney 1929 Godfrey Phillips Who's Who BoxingGolf Bobby Jones 1926 Lambert & Butler Who's Who in SportLambert Butler Who's Who in Sport Jean Borotra TennisThese cards featured some of the world’s top athletes and the set was distributed by tobacco firm Lambert & Butler based in England.

The cards included black and white pictures of athletes on the front with their biographies on the back. The Who’s Who in Sport name, as well as the date of this set (1926), are both found on the back, as well as a mention that there were 50 cards in the set.

Among the sports featured are boxing, golf, and tennis. In particular, the Bobby Jones card is heavily sought after as it is the rookie card of the golf Hall of Famer. The Jones card can be missed as he is simply called ‘R.T. Jones’ on the front instead of his more recognizable name.

Many of the names will be not familiar to American collectors but a few other keys here are boxing Hall of Famer Gene Tunney and tennis Hall of Famers Suzanne Lenglen and Rene Lacoste.

1926 Lambert & Butler Who’s Who in Sport Checklist

  1. Charles Rosenberg
  2. Bobby Jones
  3. Gene Tunney
  4. Lulworth
  5. F.W. Dix
  6. Norman Derham
  7. F.H. Bontecou
  8. F.B. Rees
  9. Huddersfield Town
  10. H. O. D. Segrave
  11. Cambridge University
  12. W.W. Wakefield
  13. Walter Amstutz
  14. Miss Ederle
  15. Lord Northesk
  16. M.B. Carstairs
  17. Major Goodsell
  18. Lancashire County Cricket Team
  19. J.G. Parry Thomas
  20. Coronach
  21. Miss Beckton
  22. Dagfinn Carlsen
  23. A.G. Fulton
  24. J. Earlam
  25. Jovial Judge
  26. Dr. Peltzer
  27. J. W. J. Rinkel
  28. R. Corts
  29. A. Theaker
  30. Jesse Sweetser
  31. Sir Alan Cobham
  32. Captain H.S. Broad
  33. F.H. Wyld
  34. Lord Burghley
  35. Tom Newman
  36. Jack Hobbs
  37. Wilfred Rhodes
  38. Molly Gourlay
  39. Suzanne Lenglen
  40. Cecil Leitch
  41. Jean Borotra
  42. Rene Lacoste
  43. Mrs. L.A. Godfree
  44. Aubrey Boomer
  45. G. Baraton
  46. W.F. Baker
  47. J. Beresford
  48. Jack Horner
  49. Bolton Wanderers
  50. T. Weston

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