1931 Churchman’s Sporting Personalities Set and Checklist

‘It’s In The Details’

Title Churchman’s Sporting Personalities
Year 1931
Size 1 3/8″ x 2 5/8″
Images Color
Type Tobacco
Number in Set

1931 Churchman’s Sporting Personalities Overview

Purcell 1931 Churchman Sporting Celebrities TennisTommy Armour 1931 Churchman Sporting Celebrities GolfMax Schmeling Boxing 1931 Churchman Sporting CelebritiesThis colorful set was issued by Churchman’s Cigarettes, a British tobacco brand. It was one of many Churchman sets issued in the 1930s involving sports.

The cards feature color cartoon images of various sports figures, performed by an artist named ‘Mel’, as indicated next to the drawings. Backs included a biography of the subject pictured. The format on the back with the set title at the top, bio in the middle, and Churchman name at the bottom was one used on most of their 1930s issues.

The set includes many sports, including boxing, golf, soccer, and tennis, among others. Many big names are featured in the set, including boxer Max Schmeling, golf legend Walter Hagen, and tennis greats, such as Fred Perry and Betty Nuthall.

A key card in the set is that of Hall of Famer Tommy Armour, often seen as his rookie issue.

1931 Churchman’s Sporting Personalities Checklist

  1. D. Cobb
  2. E.W. Denison
  3. E.W.G. Goodwillie
  4. R.H. Thomas
  5. R.M.N. Tindall
  6. J.F. Devlin
  7. D.C. Hume
  8. J. Purcell
  9. W. Lindrum
  10. Kid Berg
  11. Al Brown
  12. Primo Carnera
  13. Len Harvey
  14. Max Schmeling
  15. Don Bradman
  16. R. Duleepsinhji
  17. D. Jardine
  18. T. Lowry
  19. Ian Peebles
  20. Hugh Gallagher
  21. H. Hibbs
  22. Alec Jackson
  23. Alec James
  24. J. Bassett
  25. B. Black
  26. E. Ribere
  27. W. Roughead
  28. Mark Sugden
  29. H. Robert Kronfeld
  30. Tommy Armour
  31. T. A. Brockelebank
  32. H. Pearce
  33. Cilli Aussem
  34. H.W. Austin
  35. G. Lott
  36. Betty Nuthall
  37. Fred Perry
  38. J. Van Ryn
  39. F. Shields
  40. S. Wood
  41. Billy Burke
  42. L.G. Crawley
  43. Walter Hagen
  44. E. Martin Smith
  45. C.A. Whitcombe
  46. Enid Wilson
  47. Sir Malcolm Campbell
  48. Kaye Don
  49. Freddie Fox
  50. Gordon Richards

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