1925 A.C. Company Stereoview Set and Checklist

‘It’s In The Details’

Title A.C. Company Stereoview
Year 1925
Size 3 1/2″ x 7″
Images Color
Type Stereoscope
Number in Set

1925 A.C. Company Stereoview Set Overview

1925 A.C. Yale Stereoscope Baseball PlayerThe 1925 A.C. Company stereoview set is one of the more common later issues of stereoscopic cards.

This set, like most stereoscopic issues, includes primarily non-sports subjects. However, it also includes a pair of major sports cards.

One, shown here, pictures a Yale baseball player making a sacrifice hit. While the card is sometimes described by others as a bunt, the player isn’t in a typical bunting pose. Numbered 61 in the set, the exact phrase on the card is also ‘A Sacrifice Hit.’ Yale did field a team in 1925 but the exact player is not identified.

The baseball player typically warrants the most attention from collectors but a few others are noteworthy, too. No. 52 features an unknown boxer with the caption, ‘A Long Reach.’ A diving card titled, ‘Ready! One, Two’ is featured as card No. 64. And while it is not a sports card, No. 51 pictures Charlie Chaplin with the caption, ‘Oh! You Lemon Cream Pie.’

Stereoscopes (sometimes called stereoscopic cards or stereoviews) are cataloged as Q-Cards in the American Card Catalog and typically have two images printed on them. When looked at using a viewer, they appear as one three-dimensional image.

1925 A.C. Company Stereoview Checklist

A complete checklist for this set is not known. The known major sports issues included in it are listed below.

No. 52 – Boxer
No. 61 – Baseball Player
No. 64 – Diving

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