1929 Godfrey Phillips Sporting Champions Set and Checklist

‘It’s In The Details’

Title Godfrey Phillips Sporting Champions
Year 1929
Size 1 1/2″ x 2 5/8″
Images Sepia
Type Tobacco
Number in Set

1929 Godfrey Phillips Sporting Champions Overview

1929 Godfrey Sporting Champions Henri Cochet Tennis1929 Godfrey Sporting Champions Jack Dempsey BoxingThis 1929 set featured some of the world’s top athletes at the time of production. The cards were issued by famous tobacco company, Godfrey Phillips, based in London, England.

A total of 36 cards are in the set and, as stated on the backs, the cards were printed in France. The fronts included real sepia photographs of athletes and the backs provided a short biography on each athlete.

It is worth pointing out that some have the athlete’s full name on the front while others only include a last name.

Various sports are represented here, including boxing, tennis, track and field, auto racing, and more. The set is headlined by a trio of boxers, Jack Dempsey, Gene Tunney, and Georges Carpentier, as well as tennis greats, such as Bill Tilden, Rene Lacoste, Henri Cochet, among others.

The cards are not terribly easy to come by. However, despite that, most generally do not fetch large values. Even many of the stars can be bought for around $10 or less.

1929 Godfrey Phillips Sporting Champions Checklist

  1. Suzanne Lenglen
  2. H.M. Abrahams
  3. Mrs. Mallory
  4. Knute Hansen
  5. Primo Carnera
  6. Georges Carpentier
  7. Bill Tilden
  8. Rene Lacoste
  9. Henri Cochet
  10. James Anderson
  11. A. O. D. Seagrave
  12. Charles Paddock
  13. Paavo Nurmi
  14. Izzy Schwartz
  15. Jack Dempsey
  16. Gene Tunney
  17. Jack Delaney
  18. Rene Devos
  19. Eugene Criqui
  20. Moise Bouquillon
  21. Sammy Mandell
  22. Bill Mathews
  23. Paolino Uzcudun
  24. Joe Blomfield
  25. Danny Frush
  26. Teddy Baldock
  27. Gipsy Daniels
  28. Lord Burghley
  29. D. G. A. Lowe
  30. Luis Firpo
  31. Tom Heeney
  32. Paul Berlenbach
  33. Johnny Kilbane
  34. Emile Pladner
  35. Fidel La Barba
  36. Jean Borotra

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