1926 Major Drapkin Optical Illusions Set and Checklist

‘It’s In The Details’

Title Major Drapkin Optical Illusions
Year 1926
Size 1 1/2″ x 2 5/8″
Images Color
Type Tobacco
Number in Set

1926 Major Drapkin Optical Illusions Overview

Drapkin Optical Illusion BoxingThis unique set was printed by UK tobacco company Major Drapkin. Their name is on the back and this was one of many sets of cigarette cards issued by that producer.

The cards are centered around various optical illusions. A picture is presented on the front showing an illusion and each one is given a title. The back goes into some detail about the illusion pictured. There are a total of only 25 cards in the set but it is one of the tougher overseas cigarette issues to find.

Most of the cards in the set are not sports related. However, one features the sport of boxing. Card No. 3 pictures a boxer is standing victorious over another fighter inside of a ring with a large crowd surrounding it. The illusion featured here is with regards to their size.

The boxing card is titled, ‘His Own Size?’ The illusion gives the appearance of the winning boxer being taller than the man laying down. But once measured, it is evident that the two are the same size.


As with several other UK tobacco issues, a larger-sized parallel set was issued as well. These cards have the same images and design, but only measure larger.

Similar to other sets, the larger size is shaped more like a square. The larger cards are significantly tougher to find and, as a result, usually are worth a bit more than the smaller ones.

1926 Major Drapkin Optical Illusions Checklist

  1. The Sliding Pole
  2. Revolving Wheels
  3. His Own Size?
  4. The Deceptive Fishing Bob
  5. The Mysterious Railings
  6. The Barrel Illusion
  7. The Cube Illusion
  8. The Ghostly Squares
  9. Illusions of Distance
  10. Bent or Straight
  11. The Two Targets
  12. The Square Circle
  13. The Honeycomb Illusion
  14. The Two Circles
  15. The Disappearing Aeroplane
  16. The Multiplying Poles
  17. Bent Legs
  18. The Rod Illusion
  19. Are the Boards Parallel
  20. Persistence of Vision
  21. An Illusion of Perspective
  22. The Moving Engine
  23. The Turning Aeroplane
  24. The Coin Illusion
  25. The Two Landscapes

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