1905 PC785 Souvenir Postcard Shop of Cleveland Set

‘It’s In The Details’

Title PC785 Souvenir Postcard Shop of Cleveland Postcards
Year 1905
Size 3 1/2″ x 5 1/2″
Images Sepia
Type Postcards
Number in Set

PC785 Souvenir Postcard Shop of Cleveland Postcards Overview

PC 05SPCS 1905 Souvenir Post Card Shop of Cleveland Buellow.jpg

The PC785 Souvenir Postcard Shop of Cleveland postcards set includes various baseball players on the Cleveland Naps. Black and white photos are on the fronts and the backs include the area for the sender to write the recipient address.

The backs were a bit unique in that they explicitly stated that the area was reserved only for the mailing address. That left senders only a small space on the front to include a message (that area is not in the picture shown, however).

Also on the fronts right above that message area was the printed text “Souvenir Post Card Shop of Cleveland.”

The Cleveland Public Library has an interesting image of the shop itself printed on, what else? A postcard.

A total of 19 postcards are in the set (18 individual players and one team photo).

PC 785 Souvenir Postcard Shop of Cleveland Postcards Checklist

  1. Harry Bay
  2. Harry Bemis
  3. Bill Bernhard
  4. Bill Bradley
  5. Fred Buelow
  6. Charles Carr
  7. Cleveland Naps Team Composite
  8. Frank Donahue
  9. Elmer Flick
  10. Otto Hess
  11. Jay Jackson
  12. Addie Joss
  13. N.A. Kahl
  14. Nap Lajoie
  15. Earl Moore
  16. Bob Rhoades
  17. George Stovall
  18. Terry Turner
  19. Rube Vinson

While Donahue, Flick, Hess, Jackson, Vinson are listed in most checklists, I have not yet verified them.

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