1910 E286 Ju-Ju Drums Set and Checklist

‘It’s In The Details’

Title E286 Ju-Ju Drums
Year 1910
Size 1 1/2″ diameter
Images Black and White
Type Candy/Caramel
Number in Set

E286 Ju-Ju Drums Overview

E286 Ju Ju Drums BackE286 Cole.jpgSimilar to the Colgan’s Chips discs (E254 and E270), these were small, circular disc cards. Unlike those, however, the E286 Drums are not nearly as plentiful.

The cards were black and white with a player image, name, and team on the front. Backs included a brief advertisement for Ju-Ju Drums, stating that one card could be found even each Drum. The set is a mix of action shots and portraits. They are similar to the Colgan’s Chips issues in that they are small, circular cards. Even the content included (name, team, black and whitee picture) was the same.

The reason for the circular cards? Well, the containers that held them with the candy were circular so it made sense.

Key issues in the set include Hall of Famers Ty Cobb, Christy Mathewson, and Honus Wagner.

Overall, this set is incredibly rare. Only a few have been formally graded by PSA and SGC and several in the set have not been graded. Often, you will not even see any for sale on eBay.

E286 Ju-Ju Drums Checklist

Here is a checklist of the Ju-Ju Drums set.

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