1927 American Caramel Set (E126) and Checklist

‘It’s In The Details’

Title E126 American Caramel
Year 1927
Size 2″ x 3 1/4″
Images Black and White
Type Candy/Caramel
Number in Set

1927 American Caramel Overview

E126 American Caramel BackE126 American Caramel Ty CobbThe 1927 E126 American Caramel set included a total of 60 cards. Each card had black and white images along with the player’s name, his position, and team name.

In addition, a card number was printed on the fronts – something a little different from other American Caramel issues. A different font was also used on the fronts of these cards from other American Caramel sets as well.

Backs stated that there were 60 cards in the set and that the American Caramel Company had produced an album for the cards. In exchange for 15 cents worth of stamps, the company promised to send a blank album to collectors within the United States.

The Babe Ruth card in the set is not only the most expensive but perhaps the most interesting from a design standpoint. It includes a montage of sorts with a large portrait in the background of the slugger and a smaller picture in the front of Ruth standing with a baseball bat.

This set is notable as it was the final set of American Caramel releases, ending a long run of baseball cards. By 1927, the year these cards were released, the company was struggling. By 1928, they shut down a plant and was bankrupt soon after. Here’s a bit more on the history of American Caramel and this set.

1927 American Caramel Checklist

E126 American Caramel cards are not entirely scarce but not incredibly plentiful, either. To date, for example, SGC has graded only a little more than 450 cards.

  1. John Gooch
  2. Clyde Barnhart
  3. Joe Bush
  4. Lee Meadows
  5. E.T. Cox
  6. Red Faber
  7. Aaron Ward
  8. Ray Schalk
  9. Specks Toporcer
  10. Billy Southworth
  11. Allen Sothoron
  12. Will Sherdel
  13. Grover Alexander
  14. Jack Quinn
  15. C. Galloway
  16. Eddie Collins
  17. Ty Cobb
  18. Percy Jones
  19. Charlie Grimm
  20. Bennie Karr
  21. Charlie Jamieson
  22. Sherrod Smith
  23. Virgil Cheeves
  24. James Ring
  25. Muddy Ruel
  26. Joe Judge
  27. Tris Speaker
  28. Walter Johnson
  29. Sam Rice
  30. Hank DeBerry
  31. Walter Henline
  32. Max Carey
  33. Arnold Statz
  34. Emil Meusel
  35. Pat Collins
  36. Urban Shocker
  37. Bob Shawkey
  38. Babe Ruth
  39. Bob Meusel
  40. Alex Ferguson
  41. Stuffy McInnis
  42. Cy Williams
  43. Russel Wrightstone
  44. John Tobin
  45. William Jacobson
  46. Slim Harris
  47. Elam Vangilder
  48. Ken Williams
  49. George Sisler
  50. Ed Brown
  51. Jack Smith
  52. Dave Bancroft
  53. Larry Woodall
  54. Lu Blue
  55. Johnny Bassler
  56. Jakie May
  57. Horace Ford
  58. Curt Walker
  59. Art Nehf
  60. George Kelly

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