1910-12 Plow Boy Tobacco Set and Checklist

‘It’s In The Details’

Title Plow Boy Tobacco
Year 1910-12
Size 5 3/4″ x 8″
Images Black and White
Type Tobacco
Number in Set

Plow Boy Tobacco Overview

10PB Young.jpgThe Plow Boy Tobacco cards are not designated in the American Card Catalog. At nearly 6″ x 8″, these are larger photo/cabinet style cards.

Fronts include black and white images of Chicago baseball players and the backs have a short ad for Plow Boy Tobacco. The backs have either a short advertisement for Plow Boy Tobacco or an advertisement for premium items.

At least one error card and correction in the set exists. Pitcher “Death Valley” Jim Scott is in the set but one version of his photo has his name misspelled as Jim Scot. A corrected Jim Scott version was printed as well. That was interesting as other corrections have not been found the set includes several other cards with spelling errors in the names.

SGC and PSA have graded only a few of each player at the most with SGC grading the majority of them.

Plow Boy Tobacco Checklist

It is important to note that while 49 cards are recognized as being in the set, several that have been printed in recognized checklists have not been seen in recent years, per Old Cardboard. This brings into question the actual number of cards in the issue. Cards in that group are not checklisted below but include: Ping Bodie, Eddie Cicotte, George Davis, George Howard, Bill Jones, Ward MIller, and Lee Tannehill.

  1. Jimmy Archer
  2. Jimmy Beaumont
  3. Lena Blackburne
  4. Bruno Block
  5. Mordecai Brown
  6. Al Carson
  7. Frank Chance
  8. King Cole
  9. Shano Collins
  10. Patsy Dougherty
  11. Johnny Evers
  12. Chick Gandil
  13. Ed Hahn
  14. Solly Hofman
  15. Johnny Kling
  16. Rube Kroh
  17. Frank Lange
  18. Fred Luderus
  19. Harry McIntyre
  20. Charlie Mullen
  21. Tom Needham
  22. Fred Olmstead
  23. Orval Overall
  24. Fred Parent
  25. Fred Payne
  26. Jack Pfiester
  27. Francis Pfeffer
  28. Billy Purtell
  29. Ed Reulbach
  30. Lew Richie
  31. Wildfire Schulte
  32. Jim Scott
  33. James Sheckard
  34. Frank Smith
  35. Harry Steinfeldt
  36. Billy Sullivan
  37. Joe Tinker
  38. Ed Walsh
  39. Doc White
  40. Irv Young
  41. Rollie Zeider
  42. Heinie Zimmerman

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