1888 N104 Duke Sons Comic Characters Set and Checklist

‘It’s In The Details’

Title N104 Duke Sons Comic Characters
Year 1888
Size 2 1/4″ x 4 1/4″
Images Color
Type 19th Century Tobacco
Number in Set

N104 Duke Sons Comic Characters Overview

N104 Duke Comic Characters Off His Base.jpg

The 1888 N104 set features comic style characters in a set of only 25 cards. The issue is mostly a non-sports set so it doesn’t get a ton of attention from sports card collectors. However, among them is one baseball-related card – “Off his Base.”

Sticking with the comical theme, the baseball card features a player with a ball striking him in the face. Also in the mostly non-sports set is a card for boxing and horse racing (featuring a jockey).

The cards feature color images on the front with some sort of caption. The bottoms have a brief mention of W. Duke Sons and Company New York Honest Long Cut Smoking and Chewing Tobacco.

Backs have the same text for Duke Sons and Company as well as a full checklist. The checklist of the entire set is provided below. While the cards do not feature real subjects, they are quite rare and command strong prices.

N104 Duke Sons Comic Characters Checklist

  1. Boss of the Ward
  2. But you ought to see the other feller
  3. Cullie
  4. Drunk again and glad of it
  5. Get on to his nobs
  6. Gussie
  7. He’s bin there before
  8. In the soup
  9. Jay
  10. Jim Dandy
  11. Jolly Cop
  12. Lan Lan
  13. No flies on him
  14. Off his Base (Baseball)
  15. Oh, what a Night
  16. Old Hoss
  17. On the Dead Quiet
  18. On the Q.T.
  19. On the Rialto
  20. Put up or shut up (Boxing)
  21. Rats
  22. Ripper
  23. True stripe (Horse Racing)
  24. What er I given us?
  25. You know!

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