1930s PX3 Gum, Inc. Double Header Pins/Buttons Set and Checklist

‘It’s In The Details’

Title PX3 Gum, Inc. Double Header Pins/Buttons
Year 1930s
Size 1 1/4″
Images Black Ink
Type Pins (Buttons)
Number in Set

1930s PX3 Gum, Inc. Double Header Pins/Buttons Overview

PX3 Cronin.jpg

The 1930s PX3 Gum, Inc. Double Header pin (actually buttons or coins) set includes a variety of unknowns.

First, while 1933 is sometimes the year attributed to these, that date is an estimate and not entirely confirmed. The set checklist is also up in the air. Approximately 40 pins (actually, buttons or coins) have been discovered but that isn’t believed to be the entire checklist. However, a collection of the 43 known items were auctioned off together, which represents a complete set as we know it today.

Numerous stars are known in the set, including Ty Cobb and plenty of Hall of Famers. Some of the buttons/coins had ‘1’ on the bottoms while others had ‘2.’ Wrappers from this set indicated that collectors were to put together the blank-backed coins (one with a ‘1’ and the other with a ‘2’) to make a ‘Double Header’ – hence the name of the set.

Buttons were produced by a company called Gum, Inc. in Philadelphia, PA. The complete checklist for this set is currently unknown. You can see pictures of the known buttons here.

1930s PX3 Gum, Inc. Double Header Pins/Buttons Checklist

  1. Sparky Adams
  2. Dale Alexander
  3. Earl Averill
  4. Dick Bartell
  5. Walter Berger
  6. Jim Bottomley
  7. Lefty Brandt
  8. Owen Carroll
  9. Lefty Clark
  10. Mickey Cochrane
  11. Joe Cronin
  12. Jimmy Dyles
  13. George Earnshaw
  14. Wes Ferrell
  15. Neal Finn
  16. Lew Fonseca
  17. jimmie Foxx
  18. Frankie Frisch
  19. Chick Fullis
  20. Charlie Gehringer
  21. Goose Goslin
  22. Johnny Hodapp
  23. Frank Hogan
  24. Si Johnson
  25. Joe Judge
  26. Chuck Klein
  27. Al Lopez
  28. Ray Lucas
  29. Red Lucas
  30. Ted Lyons
  31. Firpo Marberry
  32. Oscar Melillo
  33. Lefty O’Doul
  34. George Pipgras
  35. Flint Rhem
  36. Sam Rice
  37. Muddy Ruel
  38. Harry Seibold
  39. Al Simmons
  40. Joe Vosmik
  41. Gerald Walker
  42. Pinky Whitney
  43. Hack Wilson

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