1909 Niagara Baking Set (D355)

‘It’s In The Details’

Title D355 Niagara Baking
Year 1909
Size 1 5/8″ x 3″
Images Color
Type Bakery
Number in Set

D355 Niagara Baking Overview

Niagara Baking Back E101


The 1909 D355 Niagara Baking set is no different than the E101 set. The only difference designating them as D355 cards is a stamp on the backs from the Niagara Baking Company.

In fact, Jefferson Burdick noted this in his American Card Catalog. In that book, he calls the set, ‘hand stamped, Niagara Baking, as E101.’

Card fronts include colorful lithographs along with player names, positions, and teams. The back advertises that 50 cards are in the set. While the cards are known to be E101 issues, however, it is not known if every E101 card can be found with the Niagara Baking stamps.

The Niagara Baking Stamp reads as follows:

“One of these pictures given with the Tip-Top, Family, Butternut or Homestead Breads. NIAGARA BAKING CO., Lockport, N.Y.”

Niagara Baking was far from the only company to do this. Several companies took regular card sets and ‘made them their own’ by adding their stamp or printing to them. It saved the cost and time of trying to produce their own sets.

D355 Niagara Baking Checklist

The full set checklist includes the following cards. The checklist assumes that all E101 cards can be found with the Niagara Baking stamp.

  1. Jack Barry
  2. Harry Bemis
  3. Chief Bender (white hat)
  4. Chief Bender (stripe hat)
  5. Bill Bergen
  6. Bob Bescher
  7. Al Bridwell
  8. Doc Casey
  9. Frank Chance
  10. Hal Chase
  11. Ty Cobb
  12. Eddie Collins
  13. Sam Crawford
  14. Harry Davis
  15. Art Devlin
  16. Bill Donovan
  17. Charles Dooin
  18. Mickey Doolan
  19. Patsy Dougherty
  20. Larry Doyle (batting)
  21. Larry Doyle (fielding)
  22. Johnny Evers
  23. George Gibson
  24. Topsy Hartsel
  25. Fred Jacklitsch
  26. Hughie Jennings
  27. Red Kleinow
  28. Otto Knabe
  29. Jack Knight
  30. Nap Lajoie
  31. Hans Lobert
  32. Sherry Magee
  33. Christy Mathewson
  34. John McGraw
  35. Larry McLean
  36. Dots Miller (batting)
  37. Dots Miller (fielding)
  38. Danny Murphy
  39. Bill O’Hara
  40. Germany Schaefer
  41. Admiral Schlei
  42. Boss Schmidt
  43. Johnny Seigle
  44. Dave Shean
  45. Boss Schmidt
  46. Joe Tinker
  47. Honus Wagner (batting)
  48. Honus Wagner (fielding)
  49. Cy Young
  50. Heinie Zimmerman

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