PD1 Heydt’s Yankee Bread Baseball Positions Pin Set and Checklist

‘It’s In The Details’

Title PD1 Heydt’s Yankee Bread Baseball Position Pins
Year Unknown (early 1900s)
Size 7/8″
Images Color
Type Pins/Bakery
Number in Set

PD1 Baseball Positions Pins Overview

1890 Heydt's Yankee Bread Batsman Pin.jpg

The PD1 Baseball Positions pin set is believed to have been produced in or around 1901. A total of 13 pins are in the set.

While one of the older pin issues designated in the American Card Catalog, the exact date is not yet known. The catalog designates these as a bakery issue (hence, the PD designation), claiming they are for Heydt’s Yankee Bread. However, they have also been found with other advertisers or no advertising so they are named here as simply ‘Baseball Positions.’ In reality, these should probably have a ‘P’ designation instead of ‘PD’ since they were produced with other advertisers as well.

The set is also a bit less popular with vintage and pin collectors than other issues since it does not feature any specific players. The set consists only of generic players at every position and therefore doesn’t reference and specific names or teams.

PD1 Baseball Positions Pins Checklist

  1. Batsman
  2. Captain
  3. Catcher
  4. Center Field
  5. First Base
  6. Left Field
  7. Pitcher
  8. Right Field
  9. Second Base
  10. Shortstop
  11. Third Base
  12. Umpire

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