M113 and M114 Baseball Magazine Posters Set and Checklist

‘It’s In The Details’

Title M113 and M114 Baseball Magazine Posters
Year 1910-1950s
Size Various
Images Black and White
Type Publications
Number in Set

M113 and M114 Baseball Magazine Posters Overview

M114 Brandt.jpg

The M113 and M114 Baseball Magazine Poster series was a massive issue containing hundreds of different posters. The sizes varied from smaller 9″ x 12″ sizes in the M114 set to larger ones found in the M113 issue.

The posters feature black and white images of players of the era. Because the dates of production spanned over such a large time period, the issue covers some of earlier stars of the 20th Century such as Ty Cobb all the way through the 1950s.

Each year, more posters were added and the entire set consists of hundreds of them. Sports Collectors Digest says there are approximately 700 of the M114 issues in the set, but that even any known checklists may not be entirely accurate.

Because these are oversized premiums, there isn’t the kind of demand for them that would otherwise be there if they were printed smaller or in a card format. The M113s definitely do have much more interest because they are much rarer, but in general, there isn’t widespread appeal for the M114 posters. M114s, however, are a little more desirable to some collectors because of their smaller, more convenient size.

Some commons can be bought for as little as $10 or so. They can’t easily be stored in many binders and that limits the options for collectors to both protect them and readily see them without framing and displaying them.

Font Differences

Adding to the mystery of this set is that there are some font variances as well in the player names. As seen here, a Joe DiMaggio poster, for example, has nearly a dozen different versions with very slight differences.

How many players have similar types of variations is unknown.

M113 and M114 Baseball Magazine Posters Checklist

Due to the large number of potential posters, a complete checklist has not been provided.

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