1929 W553 Strip Card Set and Checklist

‘It’s In The Details’

Title W553 Strip
Year 1929
Size 1 3/4″ x 2 3/4″
Images Colored Tint
Type Strip
Number in Set

W553 Strip Card Overview

W553M O'Doul.jpg

The W553 strip card set included various color-tinted images inside of a decorative frame on the front. Backs were blank. These are among the tougher strip issues to find. Colors of the tints included blue, green, off-white, pink, and red.

In addition to the player’s picture, his replica signature and team name are on the front. Like most other strip issues, the backs are blank. These strips were printed vertically as opposed to horizontally.

The set is the ultimate example of a stacked lineup. Save for Lefty O’Doul, every single player in the set is a Hall of Famer. And O’Doul was certainly no slouch himself. He was a major league All-Star and his career .349 batting average is the highest of any player not enshrined in Cooperstown.

Thus, the values of these cards can be high not only because they are somewhat rare, but also because of the big names featured.

Collectors may notice some of the pictures and find them familiar. Images from this set were also used in other sets, including the R316 Kashin, 1929 Leader Novelty, and the W554 strip card issues.

In addition to these baseball cards, a parallel W553 set exists featuring movie stars.

W553 Strip Card Checklist

  1. Mickey Cochrane
  2. Frankie Frisch
  3. Lou Gehrig
  4. Goose Goslin
  5. Burleigh Grimes
  6. Lefty Grove
  7. Rogers Hornsby
  8. Lefty O’Doul
  9. Babe Ruth
  10. Al Simmons

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