1925-31 W590 Strip Card Set and Checklist

‘It’s In The Details’

Title W590 Strip
Year 1925-31
Size 1 3/8″ x 2 1/2″ (but varies by cut)
Images Black and White
Type Strip
Number in Set
41 (Baseball)

W590 Strip Card Overview

pw590sheetW590 Hornsby.jpgThe W590 strip card set includes black and white images with player names, teams, and positions at the bottom. As is the case with most strip cards, the backs are blank.

Numerous variations exists. Some cards state the player’s position and then have ‘former’ added (i.e. ‘former right fielder’) as a variation. In addition, some players that changed franchises have different team variations with their new team.

The issue is part of a multi-sport set that includes other athletes as well as some movie stars. Other sports included are football, boxing, and golf, among others. At least one football player, Walter Koppisch, is included in the set. New cards have been discovered as recently as a few years ago, so the baseball checklist may not yet be complete.

W590 Strip Card Checklist

Note that this checklist does not include the numerous baseball variations that exist. Only the baseball cards are listed.

  1. Grover Alexander
  2. Dave Bancroft
  3. Jess Barnes
  4. Ray Blades
  5. Ossie Bluege
  6. George Burns
  7. George Burns
  8. Max Carey
  9. Jimmy Caveney
  10. Ty Cobb
  11. Eddie Collins
  12. George Dauss
  13. Red Faber
  14. Frankie Frisch
  15. Lou Gehrig
  16. Hank Gowdy
  17. Sam Gray
  18. Charlie Grimm
  19. Bucky Harris
  20. Rogers Hornsby
  21. Travis Jackson
  22. Walter Johnson
  23. George Kelly
  24. Fred Lindstrom
  25. Rabbit Maranville
  26. Bob Meusel
  27. Jack Quinn
  28. Eppa Rixey
  29. Eddie Rommel
  30. Babe Ruth
  31. Heinie Sand
  32. George Sisler
  33. Earl Smith
  34. Tris Speaker
  35. Roy Spencer
  36. Milton Stock
  37. Phil Todt
  38. Dazzy Vance
  39. Zack Wheat
  40. Kenneth Williams
  41. Ross Youngs

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