1927 Rich’s Sportsfolk Set and Checklist

‘It’s In The Details’

Title Rich’s Sportsfolk
Year 1927
Size Various
Images Color
Type Coffee
Number in Set

1927 Rich’s Sportsfolk Set Overview

Bill Tilden 1927 Rich's Sportsfolk TennisJack Dempsey 1927 Rich's Sportsfolk BoxingThis rare set is a Danish issue distributed by a coffee company/brand called Rich’s.

The cards have an interesting design. Really, they are similar to a few sets, such as the N184 Kimball Champions series from the 19th Century. Like those cards, these feature a larger image of an athlete along with a smaller scene of them participating in their respective sport. Backs of the cards included a biography of the athlete along with a brief advertisement for Rich’s. A few different variations are known.

This is a multi-sports issue, including several sports, such as boxing, tennis, track and field, aviation, and more.

Highlights of the set including boxing legends Jack Dempsey and Georges Carpentier as well as tennis stars Bill Tilden and Suzanne Lenglen. Those subjects are generally the most desired by American collectors.

1927 Rich’s Sportsfolk Set Checklist

A checklist for this set can be found here.

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