1931-32 Exhibit Babe Ruth Movie Stars Postcard

‘It’s In The Details’

Title Eastern Exhibit Babe Ruth Movie Stars
Year 1931-32
Size 3 1/2″ x 5 1/2″
Images Color Tint or Black and White
Type Exhibit/Postcards
Number in Set

Eastern Exhibit Babe Ruth Movie Stars Postcard Overview

Ruth 1931 Movie Stars Exhibit.jpg

The 1931-1932 Exhibit Movie Stars postcards include a variety of film stars. The lone baseball player included is Babe Ruth, who had done some acting.

A photo of Ruth is on the front along with his replica signature. Backs included a postcard back or a special offer for collectors redeem coupons for prizes.

These can sometimes be found with cut corners. That’s because a special coupon was included on the corner that consumers were directed to cut and removed. At least 50 coupons were needed for a prize of any sort.Some of the prizes for 50 coupons were sports-related. Among numerous prizes, a collector could receive a football rule book or a lucky pocket piece of Babe Ruth.

100 coupons were needed for better prizes, such as a hunting knife, any number of ‘gag’/joke prizes, and other assorted items.

Eastern Exhibit Babe Ruth Movie Stars Postcard Checklist

The only baseball figure in the checklist is Ruth.

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