1914-1924 Churchman / W.T. Davies / Ogden / Franklyn Davey / W. Williams Boxing Set and Checklist

‘It’s In The Details’

Title Churchman / W.T. Davies / Ogden / Franklyn Davey / W. Williams Boxing
Year 1914, 1923, and 1924
Size 1 3/8″ x 2 5/8″
Images Color
Type Tobacco
Number in Set

1914-1924 Churchman / W.T. Davies / Ogden / Franklyn Davey / W. Williams Boxing Set Overview

1924 W.T. Davies BoxingThis was one of many instructional sets released in the pre-war era for the sport of boxing. The issue was distributed by at least five cigarette brands – Churchman, Davies’ Cigarettes, Ogden’s Cigarettes, Franklyn Davey, and W. Williams Company.

The Ogden set is believed to have been issued first, in 1914, and then reprinted in later years for use by the other brands. Churchman cards are usually listed as 1922 while W. Williams cards are cited as 1923. The other two sets are most commonly cited as 1924 issues.

The  sets all utilized the same pictures and titles. However, the fronts differed slightly as each printed their own name at the top. While the cards depict boxing techniques, the set is merely called ‘Boxing’ on the back. Of the four sets, the W. Williams edition is the one I have seen the least. However, because so few are familiar with these series’, earning much of a premium for them among non-boxing enthusiasts would be difficult as the cards all look the same.

Cards gave collectors insight on how to perform various boxing techniques. Color pictures were presented on the front and the back gave a description of what was shown. The name of the specific cigarette brand is the at the top of the cards and a title is at the bottom of each image.

A pair of the same boxers is shown on each card, though they are generic and not meant to depict specific fighters. The lone exception to that is the first card which merely shows one boxer in the proper fighting stance. Of note is that some of the cards depict an incorrect way to fight, thus showing collectors actual flaws instead of merely just all correct techniques.

The set is somewhat rare and collectors pursuing it will generally be better off buying an entire set than trying to accumulate all of the singles.

1914-1924 Churchman / W.T. Davies / Ogden / Franklyn Davey / W. Williams Boxing Set Checklist

  1. Position
  2. Left hand lead at head
  3. Inside guard with left
  4. Outside guard with right
  5. Outside guard with left
  6. Inside guard with right
  7. Ducking a left lead / countering with left
  8. Ducking a left lead / countering with right
  9. The cross-parry
  10. Right hand cross-counter
  11. Avoiding right lead
  12. Guarding a left lead
  13. Parrying a left lead
  14. Stopping a left lead
  15. Improper left hand lead
  16. Side stepping a left lead
  17. Stepping inside a left
  18. Avoiding a right lead
  19. Guarding right lead
  20. Avoiding a left lead
  21. Guarding right lead
  22. Improper position
  23. Stopping right lead
  24. Ducking a right lead
  25. Stopping left hand body

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