1923 W572 Strip Card Set

‘It’s In The Details’

Title W572 Strip
Year 1923
Size 1 1/4″ x 2 1/2″ (but varies by cut)
Images Black and White / Sepia
Type Strip
Number in Set

W572 Strip Card Overview

W572 Strip.jpg

The 1923 W572 strip card set includes player images and replica signatures on the fronts. The card fronts were printed in both black and white and with a sepia tone while the backs, like most other strip issues, were blank. As was common in other strip issues, the stock on which these was printed varied a little. As a result, some have gray backs and others have white backs. This back variation seems limited to the cards with black and white fronts.

According to the American Card Catalog, the cards were produced by the CIFS. While some cards bear the CIFS acronym, others are found in the set, including IFS, IFC, C FM, C U+U, C p +A, and C S, indicating the copyrights for the images. The cards mostly used the same images as those found in the E120 American Caramel set.

Like a few other strip card issues, such as the W580 and W590 sets, uncut strips of these had numbers printed on them in between cards. Thus, depending on how they were cut, some of the individual cards will have full or parts of numbers on them.

Finally, these cards may be loosely tied to the W580 boxing strip card set, as well as a few others. An in-depth look on the W572 cards as well as a potential link to W580 can be seen here.

Walt Barbare

There is a point of contention between many resources regarding the presence of a 121st card. Walt Barbare is listed by some as having a card in the set, but his card has not been verified publicly. As a result, I have not added him to the checklist.

At this point, Barbare’s inclusion on any checklist seems to be a mistake. His card has not surfaced to any great degree publicly where it can be verified, for one thing. For another, these cards were issued in strips of ten, which would indicate there were 12 strips of that number. A Barbare card, assuming the rest of the checklist is correct, would indicate there were 121 in the set, causing a bit of a printing nightmare.

It seems likely that Barbare may have been added in error.

W572 Strip Card Checklist

  1. Eddie Ainsworth
  2. Vic Aldridge
  3. Grover Alexander
  4. Dave Bancroft
  5. Jess Barnes
  6. John Bassler
  7. Lu Blue
  8. Norm Boeckel
  9. George Burns
  10. Joe Bush
  11. Leon Cadore
  12. Virgil Cheevers
  13. Ty Cobb
  14. Eddie Collins
  15. John Collins
  16. Wilbur Cooper
  17. Stan Coveleski
  18. Walton Cruise
  19. Dave Danforth
  20. Jake Daubert
  21. Hank DeBerry
  22. Lou DeVormer
  23. Bill Doak
  24. Pete Donahue
  25. Pat Duncan
  26. Jimmy Dykes
  27. Red Faber
  28. Bib Falk
  29. Frankie Frisch
  30. C. Galloway
  31. Ed Gharrity
  32. Charles Glazner
  33. Hank Gowdy
  34. Tom Griffith
  35. Burleigh Grimes
  36. Ray Grimes
  37. Heinie Groh
  38. Joe Harris
  39. Stan Harris
  40. Joe Hauser
  41. Harry Heilmann
  42. Walter Henline
  43. Charles Hollocher
  44. Harry Hooper
  45. Rogers Hornsby
  46. Waite Hoyt
  47. Wilbur Hubbell
  48. Bill Jacobson
  49. Charlie Jamieson
  50. Syl Johnson
  51. Walter Johnson
  52. Jimmy Johnston
  53. Joe Judge
  54. George Kelly
  55. Lee King
  56. Larry Kopf
  57. George Leverette
  58. Al Mamaux
  59. Rabbit Maranville
  60. Rube Marquard
  61. Marty McManus
  62. Lee Meadows
  63. Mike Menosky
  64. Bob Meusel
  65. Emil Meusel
  66. George Mogridge
  67. John Morrison
  68. Johnny Mostil
  69. Roliene Naylor
  70. Art Nehf
  71. Joe Oeschger
  72. Bob O’Farrell
  73. Steve O’Neill
  74. Frank Parkinson
  75. Ralph Perkins
  76. H. Pillette
  77. Ralph Pinelli
  78. Wally Pipp
  79. Ray Powell
  80. Jack Quinn
  81. Goldie Rapp
  82. Walt Reuther
  83. Sam Rice
  84. Emory Rigney
  85. Eppa Rixey
  86. Ed Rommel
  87. Edd Roush
  88. Babe Ruth
  89. Ray Schalk
  90. Wally Schang
  91. Walter Schmidt
  92. Joe Schultz
  93. Hank Severeid
  94. Joe Sewell
  95. Bob Shawkey
  96. Earl Sheely
  97. Will Sherdel
  98. Urban Shocker
  99. George Sisler
  100. Earl Smith
  101. Elmer Smith
  102. Jack Smith
  103. Billy Southworth
  104. Tris Speaker
  105. Jigger Statz
  106. Milton Stock
  107. Jim Tierney
  108. Pie Traynor
  109. George Uhle
  110. Bob Veach
  111. Clarence Walker
  112. Curtis Walker
  113. Bill Wambsganss
  114. Aaron Ward
  115. Zack Wheat
  116. Fred Williams
  117. Ken Williams
  118. Ivy Wingo
  119. Smoky Joe Wood
  120. J.T. Zachary

*Collector Patrick Prickett provided much of the information for this set.

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