1914 T222 Fatima Cigarettes Set and Checklist

‘It’s In The Details’

Title T222 Fatima Cigarettes
Year 1914
Size 2 1/2″ x 4 1/2″
Images Sepia
Type Tobacco
Number in Set

T222 Fatima Overview

T222 Fatima BackT222 Bush.jpgFatima is known for two baseball issues. The first, T200, was a team issue. Their T222 set, however, was more traditional, focusing on individual players. Fatima was a Liggett and Myers Tobacco Company brand.

T222 cards have a sepia tone featuring a player’s picture on the front. His name and team name are printed on the bottom in a small font and these cards have a Fatima advertisement printed on the back. 100 cards are in the set as advertised on the card backs with about half of that comprised of baseball players.

The back also included a special promotion for premium items. Coupons placed inside packages of Fatima products had a value of approximately 1 1/2 cents each. Consumers could trade those coupons for any one of ‘about 800 useful and valuable premiums,’ as described on the back.

Others in the set include more athletes as well as photoplay stars. However, despite the 100-card promise, only about 70 cards have been discovered to date. Because of that, the full checklist does not appear to be complete.

T222 Fatima Checklist

Note that only the baseball players in this set are listed below. Currently 52 baseball players are known to be in the set.

  1. Grover Alexander
  2. Jimmy Archer
  3. Jimmy Austin
  4. Jack Barry
  5. George Baumgardner
  6. Rube Benton
  7. Roger Bresnahan
  8. Boardwalk Brown
  9. George Burns
  10. Joe Bush
  11. George Chalmers
  12. Frank Chance
  13. Al Demaree
  14. Art Fletcher
  15. Earl Hamilton
  16. John Henry
  17. Byron Houck
  18. Miller Huggins
  19. Hughie Jennings
  20. Walter Johnson
  21. Ray Keating
  22. Jack Lapp
  23. Tommy Leach
  24. Nemo Leibold
  25. Jack Lelivelt
  26. Hans Lobert
  27. Lee Magee
  28. Sherry Magee
  29. Fritz Maisel
  30. Rube Marquard
  31. George McBride
  32. Stuffy McInnis
  33. Larry McLean
  34. Ray Morgan
  35. Eddie Murphy
  36. Red Murray
  37. Rube Oldring
  38. Bill Orr
  39. Hub Perdue
  40. Art Phelan
  41. Ed Reulbach
  42. Vic Saier
  43. Slim Sallee
  44. Wally Schang
  45. Wildfire Schulte
  46. J.C. Smith
  47. Amos Strunk
  48. Bill Sweeney
  49. Lefty Tyler
  50. Ossie Vitt
  51. Ivy Wingo
  52. Heinie Zimmerman

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