1913 T200 Fatima Team Cards Set and Checklist

‘It’s In The Details’

Title T200 Fatima Team Cards
Year 1913
Size 2 5/8″ x 4 3/4″
Images Sepia
Type Tobacco
Number in Set

T200 Fatima Team Cards Overview

T200 Fatima.jpgThe T200 Fatima baseball team card set includes horizontal pictures of both American and National League teams.

While the set is an intriguing one, they are very susceptible damage. The ‘cards’ are printed on thin, glossy stock, making them extra fragile and excellent candidates for grading to ensure their protection. The black borders on the cards can also make flaws even more visible and you will often find these with folds in them. Those two factors make finding high-grade examples more difficult than with many other issues.

One ideal feature for collectors of Hall of Fame or star players is that the T200 cards include several on one card at relatively affordable prices.

The cards have the team picture, team name, and Fatima logo on the fronts. Also on the fronts are player names near the photograph.

This set wasn’t the only pre-war Fatima baseball issue. First, the company produced a set of premiums as a complement to this set. And also, while these are team cards, Fatima returned a year later to produce a set focusing on individual players in the T222 release.

T200 Fatima Team Cards Checklist

Below is the complete checklist of cards in the set.

  1. Boston Braves
  2. Boston Red Sox
  3. Brooklyn Dodgers
  4. Chicago Cubs
  5. Chicago White Sox
  6. Cincinnati Reds
  7. Cleveland Naps
  8. Detroit Tigers
  9. New York Giants
  10. New York Yankees
  11. Philadelphia Athletics
  12. Philadelphia Phillies
  13. Pittsburgh PIrates
  14. St. Louis Browns
  15. St. Louis Cardinals
  16. Washington Senators

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