1906 WG3 Fan Craze Set

‘It’s In The Details’

Title WG3 Fan Craze
Year 1906
Size 2 1/2″ x 3 1/2″
Images Black and White
Type Game Cards
Number in Set

WG3 Fan Craze Set Overview

06FC 49 Wagner.jpgIn 1906, the Fan Craze Company created two gaming card sets. The WG2 set featured the American League while the WG3 set featured the National League. The cards are designated as WG cards in the American Card Catalog.

WG3 cards have red backs. The cards were part of a game with a player image, team name, and specific action (i.e. home run) printed on the fronts. The player images are in black and white.

These are among the more popular gaming cards because they not only feature individual, specific players, but also have attractive pictures of them. The players chosen, too, were good ones as the set includes plenty of Hall of Famers.

With 54 cards, the WG3 Fan Craze set was slightly bigger than the WG2 set.

In addition to these Fan Craze sets, the company also produced a lesser known and uncatalogued set in 1904. That set included pictures of generic players and many of the cards simply had words on them, so it is not as popular as the WG2 and WG3 releases.

WG3 Fan Craze Checklist

  1. Red Ames
  2. Clarence Beaumont
  3. Jake Beckley
  4. Bill Bergen
  5. Roger Bresnahan
  6. George Browne
  7. Mordecai Brown
  8. James Casey
  9. Frank Chance
  10. Fred Clarke
  11. Tom Corcoran
  12. Bill Dahlen
  13. Mike Donlin
  14. Red Dooin
  15. Mickey Doolan
  16. Hugh Duffy
  17. John Dunleavy
  18. Bob Ewing
  19. Chick Fraser
  20. Ed Hanlon
  21. G.E. Howard
  22. Miller Huggins
  23. Joe Kelley
  24. Johnny Kling
  25. Tommy Leach
  26. Harry Lumley
  27. Carl Lundgren
  28. Bill Maloney
  29. Dan McGann
  30. Iron Man McGinnity
  31. John McGraw
  32. Harry McIntyre
  33. Charley Nicholls
  34. Mike O’Neill
  35. Orval Overall
  36. Frank Pfeffer
  37. Deacon Phillippe
  38. Charley Pittenger
  39. Harry Pulliam
  40. Claude Ritchey
  41. Ed Reulbach
  42. Bentley Seymour
  43. James Sheckard
  44. Jack Taylor
  45. Luther Taylor
  46. Fred Tenney
  47. Harry Theilman
  48. Roy Thomas
  49. Honus Wagner
  50. Jake Weimer
  51. Bob Wicker
  52. Vic Willis
  53. Lew Wiltsie
  54. Irv Young

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