1900 T203 Mayo’s Base Ball Comics Set and Checklist

‘It’s In The Details’

Title T203 Mayo’s Base Ball Comics
Year 1900
Size 2″ x 3 1/8″
Images Color
Type Tobacco
Number in Set

T203 Mayo’s Base Ball Comics Overview

T203 Mayo BackT203 12 A Two Bagger.jpgThe T203 Mayo’s Base Ball set can be considered a non-sports card of sorts by some collectors at first glance. Fronts include baseball-related slogans with pictures of non-sports activities.

The set, however, was meant as a humorous baseball issue as determined on the backs. The reverse of the cards call this series “Base Ball Comics” and relayed the fact that there were 25 different designs (cards) in the collection.

Cards were issued by Mayo’s Cut Plug tobacco and an advertisement for the company was on the backs as well. The ad stated the tobacco product was five cents and ‘good from start to finish.’

T203 Mayo’s Base Ball Comics Checklist

  1. An All-Star Battery
  2. Th Bleacher
  3. Caught Napping
  4. A Crack Outfielder
  5. A Fancy Twirler
  6. A Fine Slide
  7. A Fowl Bawl
  8. A Great Game
  9. A Home Run
  10. The Naps
  11. On to the Curves
  12. Out
  13. Put out on First
  14. The Red Sox
  15. Right over the Plate
  16. Rooting for the Home Team
  17. A Short Stop
  18. A Star Catcher
  19. Stealing a Base
  20. Stealing Home
  21. Strike One
  22. A Tie Game
  23. A Two Bagger
  24. A White Wash
  25. A Wild Pitch

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