1910 Honest Silhouettes (T100) Set

‘It’s In The Details’

Title T100 Honest Silhouettes
Year c. 1910
Size 2 1/4″ x 3 1/4″
Images Black and White
Type Tobacco
Number in Set

1910 Honest Silhouettes (T100) Overview

T100 Honest Silhouette BaseballThe T100 Honest Silhouettes set was mostly a non-sports issue. However, one baseball player is in the set, has drawn the interest of collectors as well as a football and boxing card.

This is one of the more unique pre-war sets featuring silhouetted cards of various subjects. Most of the cards in the set are of the non-sports variety, including things like dog walkers, people smoking, etc.

The fronts featured the silhouetted picture and the backs had a large full-back advertisement for Honest Tobacco. Honest, of course, is well-known by pre-war collectors as it was one of the brands found in the popular T205 baseball card set.

A total of 50 cards are in the set, as stated on the reverse of the cards, and this site has pictures of all of them.

Condition isn’t often terrible with these cards. They are a bit thicker than your standard tobacco cards of the era and that has helped keep many of them in decent shape. However, the large amount of black ink on the cards keeps them from usually being in high-grade shape. Clear and sometimes large scratches are often quite visible on the cards, detracting a bit from their overall condition.

All cards in the set are extremely rare. As of 2021, PSA and SGC have combined to grade only around 50 of the cards in all. Fewer than ten of the desirable baseball card have been graded.

Baseball and Roger Bresnahan?

The baseball player is not identified. Only a silhouette of a catcher in action receiving a ball is shown on the front. The back has an advertisement for Honest tobacco as well as giving the location of the factory number and location where the card was printed. The card was printed by the American Tobacco Company and the factory information is found on their other sets as well.

While the baseball catcher is often cited by sellers as depicting Hall of Fame Giants catcher Roger Bresnahan, that is unlikely to be correct. The biggest conflict comes in that this is believed to be a 1910 set and Bresnahan left New York after the 1908 season. Even aside from that, in reality, the subject could have been one of several different catchers in New York at the time.

Here’s a closer look at the subject.

Football and Others

T100 Honest Silhouettes FootballT100 Honest Silhouettes BoxingWhile baseball is considered to be the top card, a few other sports issues are included and sought after here, including football, boxing, and golf. All are equally rare and sometimes seem to be seen even less than the baseball card.

The football card might be confused by some collectors as a rugby issue. However, that is almost certainly not the case. For one thing, this was an American set and the country had really moved on from rugby by this point. The sport at this time was known here as football and including an international rugby card wouldn’t make much sense.

Some will point to the size of the ball on the card and believe that this could be a rugby card as it is larger than what we are used to. But that size football was still being used in American football until around 1912 when a smaller model was introduced. This is undoubtedly an early American football card.

Another silhouettes card set was also created by Admiral involving a number of different subjects/topics.

1910 Honest Silhouettes (T100) Checklist

To date, I have not seen a complete T100 Honest Silhouettes checklist. This, no doubt, has to do with the rarity of these cards. In an effort to create one, however, I will list the cards with short descriptions below.

  1. Baseball (Roger Bresnahan)
  2. Bar Scene
  3. Bass Drummer
  4. Boxer
  5. Bowler
  6. Brass Horn Player
  7. Carpenter
  8. Clarinet Player
  9. Clarinet Player Serenading Woman
  10. Driving in Car
  11. Fireman
  12. Fisherman
  13. Football Player
  14. General Marching
  15. Golfer
  16. Maid Dusting
  17. Man with Barrel
  18. Man and Dog Looking at Sky
  19. Man with Horse (Jockey?)
  20. Man Raking
  21. Man Reading Newspaper
  22. Man Smoking
  23. Man Smoking with Dog
  24. Man Standing with Cane and Dog
  25. Man Walking with Cane (cane upward)
  26. Man Walking with Cane (cane downward)
  27. Man Walking with Cane and Dog
  28. Man and Woman with Dogs
  29. Men with Dogs
  30. Men Smoking
  31. Marching Band Member with Baton
  32. Marching Band Member carrying Snare Drum
  33. Plumber
  34. Policeman Standing
  35. Policeman on Horse
  36. Policemen (unsure of picture depicted)
  37. Trombone Player
  38. Waiter (Larger Man)
  39. Waiter (Smaller Man)
  40. Woman with Cane
  41. Woman with Dog
  42. Woman with Dog and Person in Background
  43. Woman with Larger Dog and Wheel in Background
  44. Woman with Mirror
  45. Woman with Parrot
  46. Woman with Smaller Dog and Wheel in Background
  47. Woman Smoking
  48. Woman Standing in Water (called Woman in Black by SGC)
  49. Woman with Umbrella
  50. Woman Walking with Hat

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