PC773 (Topping, H.M. Taylor, Wolverine News, Detroit Free Press) Detroit Tigers Postcards Sets and Checklists

‘It’s In The Details’

Title R773 Detroit Tigers Postcards
Year 1907-09
Size Varies
Images Black and White
Type Postcards
Number in Set

PC773 Detroit Tigers Postcards Overview


The PC773 series of postcards sets includes various members of the Detroit Tigers.

There are four distinct PC773 sets that all featured the Tigers:

PC773-1 Topping & Company
PC773-2 H.M. Taylor Company
PC773-3 Wolverine News
PC773-4 Detroit Free Press

Black and white photos are on the fronts and the backs include the area for the sender to write his/her message and the recipient address. Only the 773-1 set included any color and the bright yellow around the player image and top/bottom borders with the ‘Tiger Stars” title makes it easily stand out from the other issues.

PC773-2 and PC773-4 feature black and white photos with white borders. PC773-3 also has black and white photos but is a full-bleed issue without borders. Because the sets only feature members of the Tigers and are within the same time period, many players appear in multiple sets.

Almost all of the postcards have a vertical layout. However, a few in the PC773-2 and PC773-3 subsets were printed horizontally.

Old Cardboard has pictures of all of the postcards in the set.

PC773 Detroit Tigers Postcards Checklists

PC773-1 Topping and Company

  1. Henry Beckendorf
  2. Donie Bush
  3. Ty Cobb
  4. Sam Crawford
  5. Jim Delehanty
  6. Bill Donovan
  7. Hughie Jennings
  8. Davy Jones
  9. Tom Jones
  10. Ed Killian
  11. Matty McIntyre
  12. George Moriarty
  13. George Mullin
  14. Charley O’Leary
  15. Charlie Schmidt
  16. George Speer
  17. Oscar Stanage
  18. Ed Summers
  19. Edgar Willett
  20. Ralph Works

PC773-2 H.M. Taylor Company

  1. Frank Chance/Bill Donovan/Hughie Jennings
  2. Ty Cobb
  3. Bill Coughlin
  4. Sam Crawford
  5. Detroit Tigers Team
  6. Bill Donovan
  7. Hughie Jennings
  8. Bill Donovan

PC773-3 Wolverine Press

  1. Ty Cobb (batting)
  2. Ty Cobb (portrait)
  3. Bill Coughlin
  4. Sam Crawford (batting)
  5. Sam Crawford (portrait)
  6. Bill Donovan (throwing)
  7. Bill Donovan (with water)
  8. Jerry Downs
  9. Hughie Jennings (on field)
  10. Hughie Jennings (portrait)
  11. Davy Jones
  12. Ed Killian
  13. George Mullin
  14. Charley O’Leary
  15. Charley O’Leary/Herman Schaefer
  16. Fred Payne
  17. Claude Rossman
  18. Herman Schaefer
  19. Charlie Schmidt
  20. Eddie Siever

PC773-4 Detroit Free Press

  1. Ty Cobb
  2. Sam Crawford
  3. Bill Donovan
  4. Hughie Jennings
  5. Ed Killian
  6. Matty McIntyre
  7. George Mullin
  8. Charley O’Leary
  9. Claude Rossman
  10. Herman Schaefer
  11. Charlie Schmidt
  12. Ed Summers
  13. Ira Thomas
  14. Ed Willett

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