1909-16 PC758 Max Stein Postcards Set and Checklist

‘It’s In The Details’

Title R758 Max Stein Postcards
Year 1909-16
Size 3 1/2″ x 5 1/2″
Images Black and White
Type Postcards
Number in Set
21 (Baseball)

PC758 Max Stein Postcards Overview

PC758 Chance.jpg

The PC758 Max Stein postcards set includes various baseball players as well as other subjects. Black and white photos are on the fronts and most of the backs include the area for the sender to write his/her message and the recipient address.

The postcards are somewhat unique from other issues in that some the players’ names appear on the front in large, bold letters. It should be noted, though, that there are different styles to these. Some (as shown in the picture) have large lettering. Others have a name printed in small letters in a thin white border at the bottom or at the top. Others, such as Ping Bodie (who was not originally advertised as being in the set) have all large, capital letters.

There are plenty of big names here and this issue is absolutely packed. But noteworthy here is the presence of all-around athlete and football star Jim Thorpe, who also played several seasons of professional baseball.

While the baseball players are obvious the most collectible, from a sports vantage point, there are other subjects here. The set includes:

  • Baseball players
  • Boxers
  • Pilots
  • Political figures/Statesmen
  • Dancing girls

As stated above, most of the postcards had a basic postcard back on the reverse. Some, however, had more information about the postcards including a checklist. The checklist is important because, while 20 postcards are listed there, some checklists state there are 25. That is not necessarily in correct, however, since the postcard also states that a large variety of new subjects were being added.

The back of the postcard also stated the original price for retailers was a paltry $.35 for 100 of the postcards and only $2.75 for 1,000 of them, stating that they ‘sell at sight.’

PC758 Max Stein Postcards Checklist

While the back of the postcard offers a checklist, it is an incomplete one. Here is the list of postcards identified on the backs in addition to others I have seen:


  1. Ping Bodie (not advertised on backs)
  2. Boston American Team
  3. Frank Chance
  4. Ty Cobb
  5. Five Cubs Players
  6. Johnny Evers
  7. Rube Marquard
  8. Christy Mathewson
  9. John McGraw
  10. Chief Meyers
  11. New York National Team
  12. Frank Schulte (misspelled as Frank Shulte)
  13. Tris Speaker
  14. Jake Stahl
  15. Jim Thorpe
  16. Joe Tinker
  17. Honus Wagner
  18. Ed Walsh
  19. Buck Weaver (misspelled as Buck Beaver)
  20. Smoky Joe Wood
  21. Heinie Zimmerman

Aeroplanes and Flyers

  1. Atwood
  2. Wright Brothers
  3. Other Prominent Riders

Dancing Girls

  1. Six Actresses (unidentified) with more to come


  1. Johnny Coulon
  2. Frank Gotch
  3. Frank Gotch (variation)
  4. Johnny Kilbane
  5. Battling Nelson
  6. Willy Ritchie
  7. Jess Willard


  1. Jane Addams
  2. Eugene Vs. Debs
  3. Hiram Johnson
  4. Thomas Marshall
  5. Pope and his Cabinet
  6. Theodore Roosevelt and Bryan
  7. Theodore Roosevelt and Dixon
  8. Theodore Roosevelt in Full Dress
  9. Theodore Roosevelt Lecturing
  10. Emil Seidel
  11. William Taft
  12. Woodrow Wilson
  13. Woodrow Wilson and his Cabinet

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