1910 A.W.H. Caramels Virginia State League Set (E222)

‘It’s In The Details’

Title E222 A.W.H. Brand Caramels Virginia State League
Year 1910
Size 1 1/2″ x 2 3/4″
Images Color Tint
Type Candy/Caramel
Number in Set

E222 A.W.H. Caramels Virginia State League Overview

E222 AWH Caramels.jpg

The E222 A.W.H. Caramels Virginia league set featured players from teams in that league. Card fronts featured a player image, name, and team, and the backs included an ad for the A.W.H. (Arthur W. Havens) Caramel company.

As stated on the backs, cards were produced by Fulton Press, a company local to Virginia in Richmond. As shown here, there were some variations of the backs as well.

In addition to the backs pictured, a much rarer back can be found with the initials A.W.A. instead of A.W.H. It isn’t known what those initials stood for but there has been speculation about it being the name of the father and two of the sons.

Some of the blue-tint card fronts appear to be black and white. However, these have a blue, green, orange, or reddish tint. Many of the players are found as minor leaguers/southern leaguers with the same artwork in the popular T206 set. While 12 cards are in the set, each card can be found in multiple tints, which means that a master checklist is considerably larger.

E222 A.W.H. Caramels Virginia State League Checklist

While 12 cards are identified in most checklists, I have only identified nine to date. Cards that appear in other checklists but that I have not yet verified are Ison, Perry Lipe, and Dutch Revelle.

  1. Tom Guiheen
  2. Bock Hooker
  3. Ison
  4. Perry Lipe
  5. Pat McCauley
  6. William Otey
  7. Dutch Revelle
  8. Ray Ryan
  9. Shag Shaughnessy
  10. Paul Sieber
  11. Arthur Smith
  12. Guy Titman

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