1934 R72 Schutter-Johnson I’m Going to Be Set and Checklist

‘It’s In The Details’

Title R72 Schutter-Johnson ‘I’m Going to Be’
Year 1934
Size 2 1/2″ x 2 7/8″
Images Color
Type Candy/Gum
Number in Set

R72 Schutter-Johnson ‘I’m Going to Be’ Overview

R72 Schutter Johnson Baseball Player.jpg

The 1934 R72 Schutter set included 25 cards featuring a variety of occupations. The idea was to teach children about many different jobs. The set is known as “I’m going to be …” since the back of the cards all start off with that phrase before identifying a specific occupation.

Additionally, the wrappers that these cards came in advertised that name on the front of them along with a picture of a fortune teller. The cards were originally sold with packages of candy for one cent (one card per package).

The cards feature colorful drawings on the front inside of a thin blue border and a description of the occupation on the back. The cards have a look and feel to something like the 1951 Bowman baseball cards.

Most of the occupations are not sports-related. However, a few are and those are the ones that command the most money.

Of most interest to collectors is generally the sole baseball card, which has a color image of a runner sliding at home to meet the catcher and umpire at the plate.

The baseball card is No. 19 in the set. The back of it states:

“Hear those crowds in the stands thunder and yell their joy as you sock out a homer, over the center bleachers and across the street. Boy, that’s sport! When you’re out in the field, is there anything as nice as the feel of a hot liner as it smacks into your glove? Or maybe it’s a fast grounder that you cover and throw to first. A cool breeze, a warm sunny day, and the old glove working perfectly. Let’s go!”

A few other sports cards exist in the mixed set. Others included are wrestling, swimming, auto racing, horse racing, boxing, wrestling, and a track and field athlete.

1933 Schutter-Johnson StrongmanNo. 4 Strong Man Rarity

As with many pre-war cards, collectors could redeem a complete set for either a baseball mitt, wrist watch, or a pair of roller skates. And like other sets, there was one card (No. 4) that was seemingly shortprinted to make collecting a complete set difficult.

No. 4, ‘I’m going to be a Strong Man’ featured a weightlifter on the front. The card is ultra rare and often not considered necessary when accounting for complete sets. Jefferson Burdick wrote in his American Card Catalog, in fact, that the card was not even seen by him.

In 2014, REA boasted the only known example and their PSA Authentic grade was auctioned off for over $22,500. However, since then, another one may have been uncovered. In 2018, a raw example of the card surfaced on eBay. That became the second known copy.

R72 Schutter-Johnson Checklist

  1. Clown
  2. Wrestler
  3. Animal Trainer
  4. Strong Man
  5. Swimmer
  6. Radio Broadcaster
  7. Pirate
  8. Auto Racer
  9. Jockey
  10. Athlete
  11. Movie Star
  12. Cowboy
  13. Fireman
  14. Policeman
  15. Gold Miner
  16. Aviator
  17. Magician
  18. Detective
  19. Baseball Player
  20. Locomotive Engineer
  21. Boxer
  22. Speed Cop (cop on motorcycle)
  23. Sailor
  24. Drum Major
  25. Hunter

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