1925 W504 Universal Toy and Novelty Strip Cards Set

‘It’s In The Details’

Title W504 Universal Toy and Novelty
Year 1925
Size 1 3/8″ x 2 3/8″
Images Black and White
Type Strip
Number in Set

W504 Universal Toy and Novelty Strip Overview

W504 123 Ruth.jpg

The 1925 W504 strip cards set includes black and white player images on the fronts with blank backs. Fronts also include player names, teams, and a card number. One unique addition and sort of a nod to later trading cards was that the fronts also included the player’s date of birth.

While 68 cards are in the set, all are numbered in the 100s as the set begins with No. 101.

The set represents four different teams in the Dodgers, Yankees, Giants, and Senators (order of the card numbers printed). Like other strip cards, the cards were printed all attached to each other and were handcut. Larger team pictures were printed attached right along with the cards.

Today, you may find uncut sheets of the cards advertised by sellers. However, if they do not have the team picture also attached to the card, they have indeed been cut. The fully uncut sheet will include the team photo.

It is common to see cards that were on the corners of those sheets with corners missing or significant damage.

These cards are rarer than most strip issues and prices for them can be surprisingly high with commons commanding even $50 or more.

W504 Universal Toy and Novelty Strip Checklist

101 Eddie Brown
102 Hank De Berry
103 Bill Doak
104 Rube Ehrhardt
105 Jake Fournier
106 Tommy Griffith
107 Burleigh Grimes
108 Charlie Hargreaves
109 Andy High
110 Jimmy Johnston
111 John Mitchell
112 Tiny Osborne
113 Milt Stock
114 Zack Taylor
115 Dazzy Vance
116 Zack Wheat
117 Bennie Bengough
118 Joe Dugan
119 Waite Hoyt
120 Sam Jones
121 Bob Meusel
122 Wally Pipp
123 Babe Ruth
124 Wally Schang
125 Bob Shawkey
126 Everett Scott
127 Urban Shocker
128 Aaron Ward
129 Whitey Witt
130 Carl Mays
131 Miller Huggins
132 Ben Paschal
133 Virgil Barnes
134 Jack Bentley
135 Frankie Frisch
136 Hank Gowdy
137 Heinie Groh
138 Travis Jackson
139 George Kelly
140 Emil Meusel
141 Hugh McQuillan
142 Art Nehf
143 Rosy Ryan
144 Pancho Snyder
145 Hack Wilson
146 Ross Youngs
147 Hughie Jennings
148 John McGraw
149 Joe Judge
151  Roger Peckinpaugh
152 Ossie Bluege
153 Mike McNally
154 Sam Rice
155 Unknown
156 Unknown
157 Unkonwn
158 Unknown
159 Pinky Hargrave
160 Unknown
161 Unknown
162 Muddy Ruel
163 Unknown
164 George Mogridge
Unnumbered – Brooklyn Dodgers Team
Unnumbered – New York Yankees Team
Unnumbered – New York Giants Team
Unnumbered – Washington Senators Team

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