1910 Bishop and Company Pacific Coast League Set (E99)

‘It’s In The Details’

Title E99 Bishop and Company PCL
Year 1910
Size 1 1/2″ x 2 3/4″
Images Black and White
Type Candy/Caramel
Number in Set

1910 E99 Bishop and Company PCL Overview

E99 BackE99 Bishop and CompanyE99 02 Brashear.jpgThe 1910 E99 Bishop and Company Pacific Coast League featured players from only the PCL.

The cards look a little similar to other candy cards of the era, but one interesting aspect was they utilized black and white images instead of colored ones seen in most sets. As with others, the backs included a complete checklist of the entire set. That gives them a different look than most issues and makes them a bit more unique.

The fronts had white borders and included the player’s name, position, and team at the bottom.

While most cards were pretty standard, the set is also known for a few unique ones. A few of the cards had simply a player’s head without a body. That is already an odd look but it’s even stranger considering only some cards in the set used that rare design. Weird as it looks, it would have probably been less out of place if all of the cards in the release had the same design.

In all, five players each of the six different teams were included.

1910 E99 Bishop and Company PCL Checklist

See below for the checklist (including player and team names) from the E99 issue.

  1. Krapp (Portland)
  2. Olsen (Portland)
  3. Casey (Portland)
  4. Byones (Portland)
  5. McCredie (Portland)
  6. Nelson (Oakland)
  7. Cutshaw (Oakland)
  8. Cameron (Oakland)
  9. Wolverton (Oakland)
  10. Maggert (Oakland)
  11. Mohler (San Francisco)
  12. Tennent (San Francisco)
  13. Bodie (San Francisco)
  14. McArdle (San Francisco)
  15. Melchoir (San Francisco)
  16. Nagle (Los Angeles)
  17. Dillon (Los Angeles)
  18. Delmas (Los Angeles)
  19. Thorsen (Los Angeles)
  20. Smith (Los Angeles)
  21. Hogan (Vernon)
  22. N. Brashear (Vernon)
  23. Hitt (Vernon)
  24. Lindsay (Vernon)
  25. Hasty (Vernon)
  26. Van Buren (Sacramento)
  27. Nourse (Sacramento)
  28. Hunt (Sacramento)
  29. Raymer (Sacramento)
  30. Briggs (Sacramento)

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