1910 E125 American Caramel Die-Cuts Set and Checklist

‘It’s In The Details’

Title E125 American Caramel Die-Cut
Year 1910
Size Varies
Images Color
Type Candy/Caramel
Number in Set

E125 American Caramel Overview

E125 Hartzell.jpg

The American Caramel company was known for a variety of candy card sets. But in 1910, the company tried something a bit less standard with a set of die-cut baseball cards.

The die-cuts featured color images of players along with an attached stand that could be used to stand the players up. The cards are all sorts of shapes and sizes because they are die-cuts.

Some players were honored with more than one card. Variations of Hall of Famers Honus Wagner and Tris Speaker exist as each player has both a batting pose and a fielding pose.

Interestingly, there are two boxers included in the set as well – Jack Johnson and Jim Jeffries. These have been categorized as E125 American Caramel Die-Cut cards despite the fact that they have different backs. The backs of those cards call them ‘The Big Fight Action Pictures’ and state that Johnson and Jeffries are pictured in six ‘of their favorite positions’ with one given free with each penny’s worth of the company’s Big Fight Caramels brand. It is unclear if six of each fighter exists or if the language means there are three of each. But the boxing versions are rare with only a few having been discovered.

Backs of the baseball cards include a checklist for the teams of the specific players.

E125 American Caramel Checklist

  1. Babe Adams
  2. Red Ames
  3. Home Run Baker
  4. Jack Barry
  5. Chief Bender
  6. Al Bridwell
  7. Bobby Byrne
  8. Bill Carrigan
  9. Eddie Cicotte
  10. Fred Clarke
  11. Eddie Collins
  12. Harry Davis
  13. Art Devlin
  14. Josh Devore
  15. Larry Doyle
  16. Johnny Flynn
  17. George Gibson
  18. Topsy Hartsel
  19. Harry Hooper
  20. Jim Jeffries (boxing)
  21. Jack Johnson (boxing)
  22. Harry Krause
  23. Thomas Leach
  24. Harry Lord
  25. Christy Mathewson
  26. Amby McConnell
  27. Fred Merkle
  28. Dots Miller
  29. Red Murray
  30. Harry Niles
  31. Rube Oldring
  32. Eddie Plank
  33. Cy Seymour
  34. Tris Speaker (batting)
  35. Tris Speaker (fielding)
  36. Jake Stahl
  37. Ira Thomas
  38. Heinie Wagner
  39. Honus Wagner (batting)
  40. Honus Wagner (fielding)
  41. Art Wilson
  42. Owen Wilson
  43. George Wiltse

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