1888 Allen & Ginter Racing Colors (A12) Album and Checklist

1888 Allen and Ginter Racing Colors Album (A12)

Allen and Ginter’s Racing Colors offering was released in 1888 and included a total of 50 cards. Cataloged as N88, the cards depict female horse racing jockeys representing stables.

Like many 19th century tobacco issues, an accompanying album was printed as a premium item. The album included pictures of the cards in the set. The album is also listed in the American Card Catalog and is designated as A12.

The albums are fairly rare and include a series of loose pages held together with a string. Because the albums were not formally bound, it is fairly common to see individual pages as opposed to a complete album.

Cut Cards

The albums come up for sale on occasion but are rare. They can be found as complete albums, in individual pages, or sometimes the individual cards on each page have been cut out.

Cut out cards do hold some value but are not as valuable as the actual cards that were included in packs of cigarettes or other tobacco products. The cards in the album do not include the checklist that appeared on the backs of many of the regular cards that came with the cigarettes. However, the images of the jockeys remained the same.

These albums were clearly used by collectors for different purposes. Some collectors, as mentioned, cut the cards out, preferring to have individual cards instead of the album. Others affixed their own regular cards to the album over top of the pictures on the pages as a way to store their original cards. Because of that, you will sometimes find cards that were glued to album pages, and subsequently removed, with damaged backs.


Below are the N22 Allen & Ginter cards that appear as pictures in the album.

  1. G.B. Morris
  2. D.D. Withers
  3. Aug. Belmont
  4. Pierre Lorillard
  5. A.J. Cassatt
  6. S.S. Brown
  7. F. Gebhard
  8. E.J. Baldwin
  9. Mrs. G.L. Lorillard
  10. Dwyer Bros.
  11. Jas. Galway
  12. J.D. Morrissy
  13. J.B. Haggin
  14. T.W. Doswell
  15. R.W. Walden
  16. Wm. Lakeland
  17. Walter Gratz
  18. N.W. Kitson
  19. Ed. Corrigan
  20. Appleby & Johnson
  21. Prince d’Arenberg
  22. Baron Schickler
  23. Count Vauvineaux
  24. M.H. Delamarre
  25. M. Ephrussi
  26. M.C.J. Lefevre
  27. Baron de Rothschild
  28. Leopold de Rothschild
  29. H.R.H. Prince of Wales
  30. H.R.H. Duke of Connaught
  31. Duke of Westminster
  32. Duke of Portland
  33. Duke of Beaufort
  34. Earl of Rosebergy
  35. Earl of Zetland
  36. Lord Manners
  37. Sir George Chetwynd
  38. Sir J. Astley
  39. Sir. F. Johnstone
  40. Sir R. Jardine
  41. Mr. Manton
  42. Gen. Owen Williams
  43. Capt. Machell
  44. Count Lehndorff
  45. Prince D. Soltykoff
  46. Count Elemer de Batthyany
  47. H.M. King of Netherlands
  48. Count W. Kawnitz
  49. Chevalier E. Ginistrelli
  50. Wm. Hendrie

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