1934 Al Demaree Die-Cuts Set and Checklist (R304)

‘It’s In The Details’

Title R304 Al Demaree Die-Cuts
Year 1934
Size Varies
Images Color
Type Candy/Gum
Number in Set

1934 Al Demaree Die-Cuts Overview

R304 Fox.jpg

The 1934 R304 Al Demaree Die-Cuts are a crude looking card issue. The cards are exactly as stated in their title – die cuts of various players. The bottom has a part that folds so the player can project as a stand up. The cards were used with some sort of a baseball game.

The cards include a bit of color, but overall, are mostly colorless. They were produced by the Dietz Gum Company based in Chicago.

In addition to the player image, his name, position, and team is at the bottom along with a card number.

A total of 168 cards are believed to be in the set, but 167 is the highest number seen. Ten cards are included for each of the 16 teams and several umpires are depicted in numbers 160 through 167. It is assumed a 168th card exists to balance out the number of umpires. For now, there are three National League umps and two American League Umps, so it is assumed the remaining two would be American League umps.

Since ten cards existed for each team, however, it is possible that there could have been five umpire cards for each league, which would bring the total number of cards to 170.

The cards are quite rare and numerous ones have only been checklisted in recent years. One of those is a card for Hall of Famer Hank Greenberg, which constitutes as one of his rookie cards.

Here’s a great article on the entire set with more information.

1934 Al Demaree Die-Cuts Checklist

It should be noted that some cards in the checklist have not been confirmed. Those, however, have been generally accepted by the hobby to be accurate and are listed as part of the formal checklist.

The reason is that each team had a player for every position. Adding a batter to every team, there are ten cards for each one. So for example, while the Yankees catcher and right field cards have not been formally discovered, they are assumed to be held by Bill Dickey and Babe Ruth, respectively.

Even despite that, many other assumptions have been taken to try to fill in gaps in the checklist. I have listed several, however, as TBD until more information surfaces.

  1. Lyn Lary
  2. Babe Ruth OR Bill Dickey
  3. Earle Combs
  4. Babe Ruth
  5. Sam Byrd
  6. Tony Lazzeri
  7. Frank Crosetti
  8. Babe Ruth OR Bill Dickey
  9. Lou Gehrig
  10. Lefty Gomez
  11. Mule Haas
  12. Evar Swanson
  13. Merv Shea
  14. Al Simmons
  15. Jack Hayes
  16. Al Simmons
  17. Jimmy Dykes
  18. Luke Appling
  19. Ted Lyons
  20. Red Kress
  21. Gee Walker
  22. Charlie Gehringer
  23. Mickey Cochrane
  24. Mickey Cochrane
  25. Pete Fox
  26. Firpo Marberry
  27. Bill Rogell
  28. Mickey Owen
  29. Hank Greenberg
  30. Goose Goslin
  31. Earl Averill
  32. Frank Pytlak
  33. Willie Kamm
  34. Johnny Burnett
  35. Joe Vosmik
  36. Dick Porter
  37. Odell Hale
  38. Harley Boss
  39. Joe Vosmik
  40. Oral Hildebrand
  41. Jack Burns
  42. Frank Grube
  43. Oscar Melillo
  44. Sam West
  45. Ray Pepper
  46. Bruce Campbell
  47. Sam West
  48. Art Scharein
  49. George Blaeholder
  50. Rogers Hornsby
  51. Eric McNair
  52. Bob Johnson or Pinky Higgins
  53. Bob Johnson or Pinky Higgins
  54. Jimmie Foxx
  55. TBD
  56. Dib Williams
  57. Lou Finney
  58. TBD
  59. TBD
  60. Roy Mahaffey
  61. Ossie Bluege
  62. Luke Sewell
  63. John Stone
  64. Joe Cronin
  65. Joe Cronin
  66. Buddy Myer
  67. Earl Whitehill
  68. Fred Schulte
  69. Heinie Manush
  70. Joe Kuhel
  71. Eddie Morgan
  72. TBD
  73. Rick Ferrell
  74. Carl Reynolds
  75. TBD
  76. Chalmer Cissell
  77. Johnny Hodapp
  78. Dusty Cookie
  79. Lefty Grove
  80. Max Bishop
  81. Hughie Critz
  82. Gus Mancuso
  83. Kiddo Davis
  84. Blondy Ryan
  85. TBD
  86. Travis Jackson
  87. Mel Ott
  88. TBD
  89. Bill Terry
  90. Carl Hubbell
  91. Tony Cuccinello
  92. Al Lopez
  93. TBD
  94. Johnny Frederick
  95. Glenn Wright
  96. Hack Wilson
  97. Danny Taylor
  98. Van Lingle Mungo
  99. John Frederick
  100. Sam Leslie
  101. Sparky Adams
  102. Mark Koenig and Ernie Lombardi
  103. TBD
  104. Tony Piet
  105. Chick Hafey
  106. TBD
  107. Syl Johnson
  108. Jim Bottomley
  109. Chick Hafey
  110. Adam Comorosky
  111. Dick Bartell
  112. Harvey Hendrick
  113. TBD
  114. Fritz Knothe
  115. Don Hurst
  116. TBD
  117. Prince Oana
  118. Ed Holley
  119. Chick Fullis
  120. Don Hurst
  121. Spud Davis
  122. George Watkins
  123. Frankie Frisch
  124. Pepper Martin
  125. Rip Collins
  126. Dizzy Dean
  127. Pepper Martin
  128. Joe Medwick
  129. Leo Durocher
  130. Ernie Orsatti
  131. Buck Jordan
  132. Frank Hogan
  133. Wes Schulmerich and Moore
  134. Billy Urbanski
  135. Wally Berger
  136. Art Whitney
  137. Wally Berger
  138. Hal Lee
  139. Rabbit Maranville
  140. Ben Cantwell
  141. Gus Suhr
  142. Earl Grace
  143. Fred Lindstrom
  144. Arky Vaughan
  145. Pie Traynor
  146. Tom Thevenow
  147. Lloyd Waner
  148. Paul Waner
  149. Pie Traynor
  150. Larry French
  151. Kiki Cuyler
  152. Gabby Hartnett
  153. Chuck Klein
  154. Chuck Klein
  155. Jimmie Foxx and Bill Jurges
  156. Woody English
  157. Lon Warneke
  158. Billy Herman
  159. Babe Herman
  160. Charlie Grimm
  161. Umpire
  162. Umpire
  163. Umpire
  164. Umpire
  165. Umpire
  166. Umpire
  167. Umpire
  168. Umpire

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