1894-95 N300 Mayo Cut Plug Set and Checklist

‘It’s In The Details’

Title N300 Mayo Cut Plug
Year 1894-95
Size 1 5/8″ x 2 7/8″
Images Black and White
Type 19th Century Tobacco
Number in Set

N300 Mayo Cut Plug Overview

N300 Anson.jpg

The 1894-95 Mayo Cut Plug set includes nearly 50 different baseball cards. In all, however, there are only 40 different players included as the set has a total of eight subjects with variations.

The cards are interesting as they have a distinct look from other tobacco and caramel cards of the day. While most of those had white or sepia tone borders, the N300 Mayo set has a black border. And while other cards featured blank backs, the Mayo card blank backs are also entirely black. This stark contrast gives it an appealing and unique look.

While the set is often referred to as an 1895 issue, it appears to have spanned two years, 1894 and 1895. That is evident based on the uniform variations in the set. Several players that spent both 1894 and 1895 with different teams are featured in both uniforms. Buck Ewing, who spent 1894 with Cleveland and 1895 with Cincinnati, is an example of that.

In addition, while some of the variations in the set are based on players switching teams, others were different.

First, there was the case of Fred Pfeffer, which was a little different. Pfeffer played with Louisville in 1895 for only a few games before abruptly retiring. But Pfeffer actually returned in 1896 with New York and later, Chicago. One of Pfeffer’s cards (presumably, printed in 1894) has him with Louisville while another version replaced his position of 2B with ‘Retired.’ Hall of Famer John Ward had the same situation as he retired after the 1894 season.

Additionally, George Haddock and Tom Kinslow both have versions wearing a blank jersey and then one with a team name printed on it. A final non-team variation involved Hall of Famer Amos Rusie. Rusie’s name was misspelled as ‘Russie’ then later corrected.

N300 Mayo Cut Plug Checklist

  1. Charles Abbey
  2. Cap Anson
  3. Bannon
  4. Dan Brouthers (Baltimore)
  5. Dan Brouthers (Louisville)
  6. L.W. Cartwright
  7. John Clarkson
  8. T.W. Corcoran
  9. Lave Cross
  10. Bill Dahlen
  11. T.P. Daly
  12. Ed Delahanty
  13. Hugh Duffy
  14. Buck Ewing (Cincinnati)
  15. Buck Ewing (Cleveland)
  16. D. Foutz
  17. Charlie Ganzel
  18. Jack Glasscock (Louisville)
  19. Jack Glasscock (Pittsburgh)
  20. Griffin
  21. George Haddock (No Team on Jersey)
  22. George Haddock (Philadelphia)
  23. W.W. Hallman
  24. Billy Hamilton
  25. Bill Joyce
  26. William Kennedy
  27. Tom Kinslow (No Team on Jersey)
  28. Tom Kinslow (Pittsburgh)
  29. Arlie Latham
  30. Long
  31. Tom Lovett
  32. Lowe
  33. McCarthy
  34. Murphy
  35. Billy Nash
  36. Kid Nichols
  37. Fred Pfeffer (2nd Base)
  38. Fred Pfeffer (Retired)
  39. Wilbert Robinson
  40. Amos Russie (Misspelled)
  41. Amos Rusie (Correct Spelling)
  42. James Ryan
  43. Billy Shindle
  44. George Smith
  45. Otis Stocksdale
  46. Tommy Tucker
  47. John Ward (2nd Base)
  48. John Ward (Retired)

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