T49 Schulte College Series Set and Checklist

‘It’s In The Details’

Title T49 Schulte College Series
Year circa 1910
Size 1 5/8″ x 2 3/4″
Images Color
Type Tobacco
Number in Set

T49 Schulte College Series Overview

T49 Schulte's Tobacco Bowdoin College.jpg

The T49 Schulte College Series tobacco set included 20 cards. A mix of non-sports and sports cards are present with the most popular issues being a baseball card (Bowdoin College) and a football card (Yale).

The cards featured generic color photographs of a variety of athletes at different colleges. Backs of the cards stated there were 20 in the set and were packaged only in Schulte’s Own Turkish cigarettes. An exact date of production isn’t known but these were believed to be printed around the same time as other similar sets, like the T51 Murad, sometime around 1910.

Backs state there are 20 cards in the series and here is more information on the set as well as pictures of all of the cards. In addition to the baseball and football issues, a Harvard hockey card also exists. In addition to those, there is a curious picture of a woman holding a ball on one of the cards for Mt. Holyoke College. It isn’t clear what type of ball it is, however. It sort of looks like a basketball but that is not a possibility as the sport wouldn’t be invented for a few more years.

Some sports are represented more than once. Track and field is covered the most with a variety of athletes shown for different events.

It should also be noted that while most are sports issues, some are not. A few feature men and women in formal clothing, graduating with diplomas, or possibly just fans with pennants.

All cards in the set are incredibly rare.

T49 Schulte College Series Checklist

  1. Barnard (woman in formal clothing)
  2. Bowdoin (baseball)
  3. California (woman with stringed instrument)
  4. Chicago (track and field – possibly hammer throw)
  5. Columbia (track and field)
  6. Cornell (rowing)
  7. Harvard (hockey)
  8. Illinois (horse racing?)
  9. Leland Stanford Junior University (unknown)
  10. Michigan (fencing)
  11. Mt. Holyoke (unknown)
  12. Penn (track and field)
  13. Princeton (fan)
  14. Radclife (graduate)
  15. Smith (graduate)
  16. Syracuse (track and field – shot put)
  17. Vassar (fan)
  18. Wellesley (rowing)
  19. Wisconsin (fan)
  20. Yale (football)

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