1912 Jim Thorpe, Louis Tewanima, and Pop Warner Carlisle Honorees Postcards

‘It’s In The Details’

Title Jim Thorpe, Louis Tewanima, and Pop Warner Carlisle Honorees Postcard
Year 1912
Size 3 1/2″ x 5 1/2″
Images Black and White
Type Postcards
Number in Set

1912 Jim Thorpe, Louis Tewanima, and Pop Warner Carlisle Honorees Postcards Overview

Jim Thorpe Carslisle Honorees PostcardIn 1912, Carlisle celebrated football star Jim Thorpe as well as coaching legend Pop Warner and track and field star Louis Tewanima. All three came from Carlisle High School and had ties to each other in track and field.

Thorpe and Tewanima were track and field teammates, who both went on to participate in the 1912 Olympics. Warner coached Thorpe in football during his high school days and also coached both Thorpe and Tewanima in track and field. The celebration was to honor them for their success in the Olympics.

At least two postcards were created for a celebration and subsequent parade featuring the men returning after the Olympics. However, others possibly exist.

Jim Thorpe Tewanima Pop Warner Carlisle Parade PostcardOne, shown above mentions the celebration that either the high school or the City had planned. In addition to a picture of all three men together, the postcard also reads, “The Three Men Carlisle will Honor.”

The backs of the postcards indicate that they were a virtual advertisement for a celebration to be held on August 16, 1912. The games ended on July 27, so that was several weeks after they concluded. It was a big event, to be sure. As the postcard mentions, the celebration included bands, a parade, a presentation to the athletes, fireworks, and more.

A second (also shown here) features a black and white picture of the parade that took place. All three men are shown in a carriage in the procession. The caption ‘Olympic Heroes’ is printed in white at the bottom.

The second postcard showing the parade is seen significantly less than the other one. That is likely because it does not name any of the three men and likely goes unidentified on occasion by non-sports fans that may have it.

The Olympics were a success for both of the participants. Thorpe won gold in both the pentathlon and decathlon while Tewanima took home a silver medal in the 10,000 meter run. Of note is that Thorpe’s medals were later stripped from him after it had been deemed he played semi-professional baseball (professional athletes could not participate in the athletics) but the medals were later restored in 1983.

1912 Jim Thorpe, Louis Tewanima, and Pop Warner Carlisle Honorees Postcards Checklist

These appear to be standalone issues and not part of a set.

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