1889 A35 Goodwin Round Album Set and Checklist

It’s In The Details’

Title A35 Goodwin Round Album
Year 1889
Size 8 1/4″ (diameter)
Images Color
Type Album
Number in Set
12 (album page cards)

A35 Goodwin Album Overview


The A35 Goodwin Album features round/circular cards of various baseball players, including Cap Anson. Some pages in the album have individual players while others have a compilation.

Individual pages include Hall of Famers Anson, Charles Comiskey, John Ward, and King Kelly. One of the ‘compilation’ pages (the first page inside of the cover) heavily desired includes four Hall of Famers – Ward, Mickey Welch, Buck Ewing, and Tim Keefe. You can find these either as a complete album, or separated with individual pages.

Most of the players (and the players featured with several to a page) were members of the 1889 New York Giants, the World Series champions. Anson, Kelly, and Comiskey were the lone players that were not and were printed on individual pages. The split between players on full pages and players on individual pages isn’t as clean cut as that, however, since Ward, a member of that Giants team, has his own page.

The album is significantly different from other popular tobacco albums designated in the American Card Catalog. First, the shape of a round album is something that is different from the regular four-sided issues. In addition, most albums included pictures of cards that were distributed by tobacco companies. These album pages are not pictures of cards that were packed inside of other items. This is a standalone issue.

An amazing large advertisement was discovered shedding a little more light on the product. The advertisement mentions the album was available for 75 coupons from Goodwin products Old Judge cigarettes and Dog Head cigarettes.

Dating the Album

In all, there are a total of 12 pages in the album (24 front and back – backs of each player/team has schedules and statistics), counting the covers. Those are actually the reason we know the precise date of this issue. Player statistics included are from 1888 and the schedules are for teams in 1889.

Below is a complete checklist of the set.

A35 Goodwin Album Checklist


(Each number below represents a page in the album)

  1. Cover (picture of a Official League Baseball)
  2. Mickey Welch, John Ward, Buck Ewing, Tim Keefe
  3. Cap Anson
  4. Jim O’Rourke, George Gore, Danny Richardson, Roger Connor
  5. King Kelly
  6. Goodwin Brands Advertisement
  7. John Ward
  8. Mike Slattery, Pat Murphy, Ed Crane, Gil Hatfield
  9. Charlie Comiskey
  10. Elmer Foster, William Brown, Bill George, Mike Tiernan
  11. Jim Mutrie, Ledell Titcomb, Art Whitney, and a child mascot
  12. Cover (back/picture of a baseball)