1939 V351 World Wide Gum Set and Checklist

‘It’s In The Details’

Title V351 World Wide Gum
Year 1939
Size 4″ x 5 5/8″
Images Sepia
Type Canadian
Number in Set

1939 V351 World Wide Gum Overview


Despite preceding the V353, V354, and V355 World Wide Gum sets in terms of American Card Catalog designations, the V351 issue was produced the latest. Printed in 1939, the cards resemble miniature photographs, measuring nearly 4″ x 6″ in size.

They are nearly identical to the R303A set, which was essentially the Goudey equivalent of this issue. But even though the R303A set is the smaller of the two Goudey sets (R303A and R303B), these V351 photos are still smaller. This auction has a good comparison of all three sizes.

The fronts include black and white images of players along with a replica signature. Backs are some of the most interesting in early baseball issues. The reverses include baseball tips for collectors along with small cartoon drawings provided as illustration. The reverse also states that the cards were produced in Canada, which is another way they can be distinguished from the American cards.

Despite having only 25 cards in the entire set, this is not an easy issue to assemble. The cards are not only rare, but has some pricey ones, including those of Joe DiMaggio and Ted Williams.

1939 V351 World Wide Gum Checklist

  1. Morris Arnovich
  2. Sam Bell
  3. Zeke Bonura
  4. Earl Caldwell
  5. Flea Clifton
  6. Frank Crosetti
  7. Harry Danning
  8. Emil de Jonghe
  9. Dizzy Dean
  10. Paul Derringer
  11. Joe DiMaggio
  12. Vince DiMaggio
  13. Charlie Gehringer
  14. Gene Hasson
  15. Tommy Henrich
  16. Fred Hutchinson
  17. Phil Marchildon
  18. Mike Meola
  19. Arnold Moser
  20. Frank Pytlak
  21. Frank Reiber
  22. Lee Rogers
  23. Cecil Travis
  24. Hal Trosky
  25. Ted Williams

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