1937-38 Dixie Lids Set (F7)

It’s in the Details

Title Dixie Lids
Year 1937-38
Size Lids either 2 1/4″, 2 7/16″, or 2 3/4″, and the premiums are 8″ x 10″
Images Lids black and white and the premiums are color
Type Food
Number in Set

1937-38 Dixie Lids and Premiums Overview

F7-1 Nagurski.jpg

Bill Tilden F7 1937 Dixie Lids TennisWhile Dixie Lids were later printed in the 1950s, the first versions of them were in the pre-war era.

In 1937 and 1938, the Dixie Cup Company printed specialty lids for various ice cream products. The lids featured a variety of famous people, including baseball players, football players, other athletes (among, tennis star Bill Tilden), and actors/actresses. In general, the more sought after and valuable ones are the issues featuring athletes. Because these were legitimately lids used on the tops of ice cream products, you are liable to find them in all kinds of shape – often, they are in poor condition.

Dixie actually began producing lids before 1937. However, those did not feature sports figures. Production on them continued beyond the pre-war era and into the 1950s. Collectors should also be aware that at least one reprint set of them have been printed.

Fronts of the kids included a black and white picture of the personality with his name and team around the edge. In addition to the player’s name, a short statement was added providing a little bit of information. Gabby Hartnett’s lid, for example, calls him a ‘Dynamic Catcher and Long Distance Hitter.’

In 1937, the company printed four baseball players – Charlie Gehringer, Gabby Hartnett, Carl Hubbell, and Joe Medwick. 1938 saw them print four more, including Hubbell again, Bob Feller, Jimmie Foxx, and Wally Moses. While Hubbell was included both years, his two lids are different. 1938 also included football stars Sammy Baugh and Bronko Nagurski.

While most of these are 2 1/4″ or 2 3/4″ in diameter, a third size, 2 7/16″, has also been spotted.


As these were used on a variety of ice cream products, the backs of them vary. All kinds of ice cream brand names are printed. In addition to the ice cream brands, the backs also contained the Dixie Lids logo/name.

Below are the backs I have seen but many others are likely to exist. The list of brands here does not include other brands that were used in other years. Bartholomay, Hoodsie, Horton’s, Sunfreze, and Velvet appear to be among the brands most seen.

While most of the brands will not be names familiar to card collectors, Yuengling’s is one that was involved with other pre-war cards, sponsoring one of the four F50 ice cream baseball card issues.

Finally, a few backs are merely advertisements asking customers to keep the lids since the featured ‘interesting pictures’ on the other side.

  • Abbott’s Ice Cream
  • Bartholomay Ice Cream
  • Best’s Ice Cream
  • Chapell Ice Cream
  • Dixie (General Advertisement with no ice cream affiliation)
  • Fenn’s Ice Cream
  • Hoffman’s
  • Hoods Ice Cream (Hoodsie)
  • Horton’s Ice Cream
  • Hydrox Ice Cream
  • Maloof Ice Cream
  • Meadow Gold Ice Cream
  • Mohawk Ice Cream
  • Philadelphia Dairy Products
  • Pine State Ice Cream
  • Pride Ice Cream
  • Reid’s Ice Cream
  • Roszell’s Ice Cream
  • Schwen’s Ice Cream
  • Sharpless Ice Cream
  • Sunfreze Ice Cream
  • Supplee Ice Cream
  • Turnbull’s Ice Cream
  • Vander Bie’s Ice Cream
  • Velvet Ice Cream
  • Yuengling’s Ice Cream

Larger Premiums

bronko Dixie Lids premium

Medwick Dixie Lids Premium.jpg

In addition to the lids, the Dixie Cup Company produced 8X10 premium items for collectors. The large cardboard photos included the same players featured on the lids. Two premiums are pictured here – one of Medwick and one of Nagurski.

Some of the lids used an up close portrait picture of the same one shot used in the larger premiums. Others, like Gehringer, were different images.

Backs of the premiums were not blank. Instead, they included action shots of the player in question as well as a long biography. In addition, two holds were placed at the left of the premiums.

1937-38 Dixie Lids and Premiums Checklist

This is the complete 1937 set checklist and here is a checklist for the 1938 set. The athletes in the set are identified below:


  • Georgia Coleman (Swimming)
  • Charlie Gehringer (Baseball)
  • Gabby Hartnett (Baseball)
  • Carl Hubbell (Baseball)
  • Joe Medwick (Baseball)
  • Bill Tilden (Tennis)


  • Sammy Baugh (Football)
  • Bob Feller (Baseball)
  • Jimmie Foxx (Baseball)
  • Sonja Heine (Skating)
  • Carl Hubbell (Baseball)
  • Wally Moses (Baseball)
  • Bronko Nagurski (Football)

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