1933 V353 World Wide Gum Set and Checklist

‘It’s In The Details’

Title V353 World Wide Gum
Year 1933
Size 2 3/8″ x 2 7/8″
Images Color
Type Canadian
Number in Set

1933 V353 World Wide Gum Overview


The 1933 Goudey baseball card set is one of the most popular sets of all-time. Canadians got a taste of the set, too, with their own ‘Goudey’ cards.

Created by the World Wide Gum Company, the 1933 V353 set is practically a carbon copy to the 1933 Goudey issue in terms of look. The main design differences are that some cards have French on the backs and all of them state they were produced in Canada as opposed to the more popular U.S. Goudey set.

The set wasn’t nearly as big as the 240-card Goudey release – the Canadian cards numbered only 94. Because of the shortened checklist, it wasn’t as star-studded of a set. For example, while the 1933 Goudey set contains four Babe Ruth cards, the version printed in Canada has only two. With a set only about 40% as large, however, that is to be expected.

Collectors also have to be careful to not confuse these with the 1934 V354 World Wide Gum cards. While approximately half the set utilized the designs similar to the 1934 Goudey cards, the other half kept the design from this 1933 issue. The difference, in addition to the card numbers, can also be found on those backs, which state they are part of the 1934 series.

Even though the cards are rarer than their U.S. counterparts, they are generally not as valuable.

1933 V353 World Wide Gum Overview

  1. Benny Bengough
  2. Dazzy Vance
  3. Hughie Critz
  4. Heinie Schuble
  5. Babe Herman
  6. Jimmy Dykes
  7. Ted Lyons
  8. Roy Johnson
  9. Dave Harris
  10. Glenn Myatt
  11. Billy Rogell
  12. George Pipgras
  13. Lafayette Thompson
  14. Henry Johnson
  15. Victor Sorrell
  16. George Blaeholder
  17. Watson Clark
  18. Muddy Ruel
  19. Bill Dickey
  20. Bill Terry
  21. Phil Collins
  22. Pie Traynor
  23. Kiki Cuyler
  24. Horace Ford
  25. Paul Waner
  26. Chalmer Cissell
  27. George Connally
  28. Dick Bartell
  29. Jimmie Foxx
  30. Frank Hogan
  31. Tony Lazzeri
  32. Bud Clancy
  33. Ralph Kress
  34. Bob O’Farrell
  35. Al Simmons
  36. Tommy Thevenow
  37. Jimmy Wilson
  38. Fred Brickell
  39. Mark Koenig
  40. Taylor Douthit
  41. Gus Mancuso
  42. Eddie Collins
  43. Lew Fonseca
  44. Jim Bottomley
  45. Larry Benton
  46. Ethan Allen
  47. Heinie Manush
  48. Marty McManus
  49. Frankie Frisch
  50. Ed Brandt
  51. Charlie Grimm
  52. Andy Cohen
  53. Jack Quinn
  54. Red Faber
  55. Lou Gehrig
  56. John Welch
  57. Bill Walker
  58. Lefty O’Doul
  59. Bing Miller
  60. Waite Hoyt
  61. Max Bishop
  62. Pepper Martin
  63. Joe Cronin
  64. Burleigh Grimes
  65. Milt Gaston
  66. George Grantham
  67. Guy Bush
  68. Willie Kamm
  69. Mickey Cochrane
  70. Adam Comorosky
  71. Alvin Crowder
  72. Willis Hudlin
  73. Eddie Farrell
  74. Leo Durocher
  75. Walter Stewart
  76. George Walberg
  77. Glenn Wright
  78. Buddy Myer
  79. Zack Taylor
  80. Babe Ruth
  81. D’Arcy Flowers
  82. Ray Kolp
  83. Ossie Bluege
  84. Moe Berg
  85. Jimmie Foxx
  86. Sam Byrd
  87. Danny Macfayden
  88. Joe Judge
  89. Joe Sewell
  90. Lloyd Waner
  91. Luke Sewell
  92. Leo Mangum
  93. Babe Ruth
  94. Al Spohrer

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