1927 FC59 Honey Boy Ice Cream Set and Checklist

‘It’s In The Details’

Title FC59 Honey Boy Ice Cream
Year 1927
Size 1 5/8″ x 2 3/8″
Images Black and White
Type Food
Number in Set

FC59 Honey Boy Ice Cream Overview

FC59 Honey Boy Ice Cream Back27HB 13 Roush.jpgIn 1927, Purity Ice Cream Company Limited produced a set of 21 baseball cards featuring both Canadian and American players. Like other ice cream cards, the Canadian producer allowed collectors to trade a complete set of cards in for ice cream products.

The promotion and production of the cards appears local in nature since the backs advertise that the ‘pictures’ (cards) could be redeemed at their plant, located at 234 Pritchard Avenue without any sort of formal mailing address being given.

The Purity Ice Cream Company manufactured the “Honey Boy” brand of ice cream in various formats, including packages, bars, and also for bulk purchases.

While similar, a couple of variations exist between the Canadian players and the American players. The Canadian players have their name and team printed in black in a light gray box at the bottom while the cards for the American players have their name printed in white ink in a dark box (no mention of a team).

Because this was a redemption issue, you’ll often see these cards with holes punched in them. Cards with holes simply mean that the card was redeemed – that was the way the company kept track of which cards had already been submitted. Redeemed cards with holes, obviously, have less value.

FC59 Honey Boy Ice Cream Checklist

  1. Steamer Maxwell
  2. Cecil Browne
  3. Carson McVey
  4. Sam Perlman
  5. Snake Siddle
  6. Eddie Cass
  7. Jimmy Bradley
  8. Gordon Caslake
  9. Ward McVey
  10. Tris Speaker
  11. George Sisler
  12. Emil Meusel
  13. Edd Roush
  14. Babe Ruth
  15. Harry Heilmann
  16. Heinie Groh
  17. Eddie Collins
  18. Grover Alexander
  19. Dave Bancroft
  20. Frankie Frisch
  21. George Burns

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