1922 Neilson’s Chocolate Set (V61)

‘It’s In The Details’

Title V61 Neilson’s Chocolate
Year 1922
Size 2″ x 3 1/4″
Images Black and White
Type Canadian
Number in Set

1922 V61 Neilson’s Chocolate Overview


The 1922 V61 Neilson’s Chocolate set is one of the more popular Canadian candy card issue. Part of the reason for that is because it is similar to the American Caramel E120 release – a favorite among collectors.

In terms of the design, the cards have a black and white picture on the front inside of a decorative frame with an oval-shaped opening.

That this same design made it to Canada is hardly a surprise. This was a comprehensive set and, in addition to the American Caramel cards, a blank-backed version of this set was also created and used by many different companies.

Additionally, many baseball card sets came out of Canada, despite the fact that they country had no major league teams. Baseball, however, was very much important in Canada with several minor league teams as well as local leagues.

Babe Ruth and Ty Cobb are kings here, but there are plenty of other big names as well with Hall of Famers such as Walter Johnson, Rogers Hornsby, Zack Wheat, Grover Alexander, and many more.

Two Types of V61 Neilson’s Cards

Collectors, though, should be aware there are two separate V61 types. But while they look similar, it is easy to tell the difference. One version has card numbers on the front and a larger, calligraphic type of font for the word ‘Neilson’s’ on the back. The other type doesn’t have card numbers and the Neilson’s font on the reverse is simply in capital letters.

It is easy to tell these two different types from the fronts as well. Type 1 with the calligraphic text also has a small card number printed in the lower left corner on the front while Type 2 does not. And as you can see below, Type 2 cards are printed on a brown cardstock, which is also a bit thicker.

The cards are somewhat hard to find but not ultra rare. PSA has graded only a few copies of each card in most cases, though. And in terms of scarcity, their pop report seems to indicate that the calligraphic Type 1 cards are rarer.

Below are the two back variations. Type 1 is on the left and Type 2 is on the right.

Here’s a closer look at the two types.

v61-neilson-backs Updated

1922 V61 Neilson’s Chocolate Checklist

  1. George Burns
  2. John Tobin
  3. J.T. Zachary
  4. Joe Bush
  5. Lu Blue
  6. Clarence Walker
  7. Carl Mays
  8. Goose Goslin
  9. Ed Rommel
  10. Charles Robertson
  11. Cy Perkins
  12. Joe Sewell
  13. Harry Hooper
  14. Red Faber
  15. Bib Falk
  16. George Uhle
  17. Emory Rigney
  18. George Dauss
  19. Herman Pillette
  20. Wally Schang
  21. Lawrence Woodall
  22. Steve O’Neill
  23. Edmund Miller
  24. Sylvester Johnson
  25. Henry Severeid
  26. Dave Danforth
  27. Harry Heilmann
  28. Bert Cole
  29. Eddie Collins
  30. Ty Cobb
  31. Bill Wambsganss
  32. George Sisler
  33. Bob Veach
  34. Earl Sheely
  35. T.P. Collins
  36. Frank Davis
  37. Babe Ruth
  38. Bryan Harris
  39. Bob Shawkey
  40. Urban Shocker
  41. Marty McManus
  42. Clark Pittenger
  43. Sam Jones
  44. Waite Hoyt
  45. Johnny Mostil
  46. Mike Menosky
  47. Walter Johnson
  48. Wally Pipp
  49. Walt Gerber
  50. Ed Gharrity
  51. Frank Ellerbe
  52. Ken Williams
  53. Joe Hauser
  54. Carson Bigbee
  55. Emil Meusel
  56. Milton Stock
  57. Wilbur Cooper
  58. Tom Griffith
  59. Walt Henline
  60. Bubbles Hargrave
  61. Russell Wrightstone
  62. Frankie Frisch
  63. Frank Parkinson
  64. Walter Reuther
  65. Bill Doak
  66. Marty Callaghan
  67. Sammy Bohne
  68. Earl Hamilton
  69. Grover Alexander
  70. George Burns
  71. Max Carey
  72. Dolph Luque
  73. Dave Bancroft
  74. Vic Aldridge
  75. Jack Smith
  76. Bob O’Farrell
  77. Pete Donohue
  78. Ralph Pinelli
  79. Edd Roush
  80. Norman Boeckel
  81. Rogers Hornsby
  82. George Toporcer
  83. Ivy Wingo
  84. Virgil Cheeves
  85. Vern Clemons
  86. Lawrence Miller
  87. Johnny Kelleher
  88. Heinie Groh
  89. Burleigh Grimes
  90. Rabbit Maranville
  91. Babe Adams
  92. Lee King
  93. Art Nehf
  94. Frank Snyder
  95. Raymond Powell
  96. Wilbur Hubbell
  97. Leon Cadore
  98. Joe Oeschger
  99. Jake Daubert
  100. Will Sherdel
  101. Hank De Berry
  102. Johnny Lavan
  103. Jesse Haines
  104. Goldie Rapp
  105. Oscar Ray Grimes
  106. Ross Youngs
  107. Art Fletcher
  108. Clyde Barnhart
  109. Lou Duncan
  110. Charlie Hollocher
  111. Horace Ford
  112. Bill Cunningham
  113. Walter Schmidt
  114. Joe Schultz
  115. John Morrison
  116. Jimmy Caveney
  117. Zack Wheat
  118. Fred Williams
  119. George Kelly
  120. Jimmy Ring

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