1891 Duke Bicycle and Trick Riders (N100) Set and Checklist

‘It’s In The Details’

Title Duke Bicycle and Trick Riders (N100)
Year 1891
Size 2 1/2″ x 4 1/4″
Images Color
Type 19th Century Tobacco
Number in Set

1891 Duke Bicycle and Trick Riders (N100) Set Overview

This rare set from the 19th century is not believed to picture actual cyclists. Still, it remains one of the most cycling card issues ever created.

The cards all picture female cyclists. The use of female images as athletes was a common theme in the 1800s. Female cyclists are depicted in a variety of poses, riding bicycles and performing various stunts on them.

These slightly oversized cards measure roughly 2 1/2″ wide by 4 1/4″ tall. A total of 25 are found in the set, though it is not an easy set to build by any means due to the set’s rarity.

Fronts picture color images of the female cyclists. They have white borders and each have a title printed in small font. The backs of the cards are printed in blue ink and included an advertisement for Duke Tobacco and their Honest Long Cut brand products, with which these cards were packed.

Even in low-grade condition and not depicting actual athletes, these cards typically start around $20-$25 each, in low-grade condition.

1891 Duke Bicycle and Trick Riders (N100) Set Checklist

  1. Balanced on Pedal
  2. Coasting
  3. Coasting on Eagle
  4. Color Bearer
  5. Easy Riding
  6. Leg Over Handle
  7. The Maltby Coast
  8. Pedal Mount
  9. Pedal and Step Trick
  10. Posed on Front Wheel
  11. Riding Backward
  12. Riding Down Stairs
  13. Riding One Pedal
  14. Riding the Ordinary
  15. Riding Side Saddle
  16. Riding Tandem
  17. Riding Tricycle
  18. Rolling Cigarette
  19. Setting the Pace
  20. Slack Rope Riding
  21. Small Wheel Raised
  22. Standing on Saddle
  23. The Start
  24. The Unicycle
  25. Working Using One Pedal

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